Of late, the push towards videos has been making every social media website a video-heavy platform. However, YouTube continues to lead the industry with Billions of videos. YouTube too, like various other social media platforms has now started to allow the users to broadcast YouTube live videos for a while now. A very absurd thing was noticed today – even after the live broadcast ended, the creator was still getting live user stats.

Typically the user count is shown only when YouTube live videos are on the air. Once you decide to end the video and go off the air, the number of live viewers too, disappears. However, a user noted on Twitter today that even after ending his broadcast he was still able to see the live viewer count! It was observed that only the creator was able to see the no. of users and it was not visible for any other viewers.

As of now this still remains unclear if this is a feature that YouTube intended, or it was an accidental mistake on their part. It might very well have been a glitch, or it is even possible that YouTube might be working towards introducing this feature for the creators to track the performance of their YouTube live videos. If this is an intended feature this will help the company show the creators the impact of YouTube live videos and motivate them to air more YouTube live videos.

However, this is still a developing story as more information continues to roll in for this. Current expectations are that this is a test phase and YouTube has rolled out this feature for a few creators. On another note, this might not be an update but may actually end up as just a glitch. Stay tuned with us at Droidmen for more details on the YouTube Live Videos.