Over the past few years a trend has been observed in the markets of social media and other similar communication platforms – videos have been ‘pushed’ heavily. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, nearly every tool of the trade has been updating itself and has been promoting videos. Live Streaming was another major trend. YouTube, the first name that comes in mind when you think of videos too, was not far behind. YouTube Live Streaming was a great feature, however it was restricted only for users who had over 10,000 subscribers.

In a latest update to the YouTube app, it has now been announced that YouTube Live Streaming is available for all the users, even for those with no subscribers. This update has been rolling out for the Android users as well as the iOS users of the YouTube app. This is indeed a welcome change and would promote more and more users to start putting up live content on the go.

Content on the go has been one of the biggest plus points for live streaming services at large, and not just YouTube live streaming. This is the idea on which Instagram and Facebook Live too, are established. The update is slowly rolling out  to a number of users, and is expected to roll out for all users shortly.

In order to check if your app has been updated to the latest version, open it, and tap the floating record button on the screen. After that you would see an option called ‘Go Live’. If it appears, YouTube Live Streaming has opened their doors for you. If it doesn’t, wait for a couple of days and the update will roll out. The YouTube app is also sending users notifications regarding the same, letting them know that they too can live stream now.