Yelp Questions and Answers Feature Allows Users to Ask Questions


Yelp has been one of the most popular names when it comes to discovering local businesses. The app has been widely popular in the US, and allows the users to easily find the services they are looking for in their area. It allows the users to make reservations, and leave reviews and ratings on local businesses. Yelp has introduced a new feature today that allows the users to ask questions related to businesses – Yelp Questions and Answers.

For those wondering about the ‘Talk’ feature where users can ask questions, this is going to be different and more business specific. Talk is a more diverse feature allowing users to ask any questions that they want. Yelp Questions and Answers are more venue specific. If you want to hit a bar on Saturday night, but you want to know if it is cool to carry your pet with you – you can now ask this question on Yelp Questions and Answers.

If you are planning to get a tattoo, and you’re not sure what this one place you’ve been planning to visit for a while will charge you for the tattoo, you can now ask the question on Yelp Questions and Answers and plan accordingly. This allows users to upvote and downvote the answers on the basis of helpfulness.

Users can also switch on notifications for a question, and they will be notified every time it gets answered. This is indeed a great feature, and adds more value to the app. Users can now make use of Yelp to ask questions about any place they plan to visit so that they can plan accordingly.

Interestingly, Yelp Questions and Answers feature was tested late in 2016. However, after months of testing, it is now being rolled out to all the Yelp users on iPhones, Android smartphones as well as for the desktop users.