Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone giant has always challenged the market pricing by launching a gadget with high-end specs at a low cost than its competitors. Redmi 3 is the successor to the Redmi 2, but is a very large upgrade in terms of the specs, design and price. Recently it released the camera samples captured using the Redmi 3 on it’s own MIUI Forum.

Redmi 3 High Quality Image

The 5-inch Redmi 3 comes with a Full metal body and a screen resolution of 720 pixels display has a 13 MP rear camera & a 5 MP front camera. Below are the camera samples captured using 13MP Rear camera of Redmi 3 which Xiaomi has released on it’s forum. For the first glance while looking at the images, It looked as if the images were captured using a DSLR.

The Redmi 3 is priced at $105 and has got specs better than any other competitor can provide, It also has a 4100 mAh battery which will make it stand out of the crowd. So for people with a less budget, this might be the best phone to get settle with.

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