Xiaomi often known as the “Apple” in the Chinese Smartphone market was giving hints about its upcoming smartphone, but it never gave hints that it would launch the Xiaomi Mi Note. All the tech freaks out here were thinking that it would come with the Xiaomi Mi 5, a successor of Xiaomi Mi 4.

Xiaomi Mi Note, Mi Note Pro, Mi Box Mini, Mi Headphones Announced

Xiaomi Mi Note announcement and details

Xiaomi Mi Note Introduction

However Hugo Barra’s, VP at Xiaomi Global’s announcement has revealed the “Xiaomi Mi Note” which was surprising for all the tech freaks and mobile phone users out here. The Mi Note comes with some great features which you would love to deal with. You can purchase fifty dollar budget headphones online, as some are offering discounts. Also Read : “Xiaomi Mi Note Specs”

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro announcement and details

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro Introduction

Announcement of Xiaomi Mi Note? is it over? No because Mr. Barra in the Next announcement also introduced the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro which would be an addition to the Xiaomi’s Mi Note Series. Want to know more details about it? Read : “Xiaomi Mi Note Pro Specs”

Xiaomi Mi Box Mini announcement and details

Xiaomi Mi Box Mini Introduction

After announcing the Xiaomi Mi Note and Mi  Note Pro, Barra also introduced the Mi Box mini, which would be a compact. Packing a Cortex-A7 Quad-core 1.3 GHz processor, with 1 GB RAM, 4 GB Flash with the resolution of 1080p which would support Dolby, DTS Audio and Dual Band Wi-Fi 802.11n

Xiaomi Mi Headphones announcement and details

Xiaomi Mi headphones Introduction

So is the announcement over? No not at all, the announcement is not over yet! because after the Xiaomi Mi Note, Mi Note Pro, Mi Box Mini, Here comes the Mi Headphones which would be the ultimate thing any Music Listener would like to have. This Mi Headphones looks metallic and would look at its best when they are with the Mi Note and Mi Note Pro.

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