Recently the Delhi High Court Banned Xiaomi to Sell Products in Indian market. Xiaomi was temporarily banned from Selling Smartphones in India because of Infringement of Ericsson’s Standard Essential Patents. But today Hugo Barra, VP at Xiaomi Global announced on Facebook that “Xiaomi will continue sales in the Indian market”. Below screenshot shows the announcement made by Mr. Barra.

xiaomi resumes sales in indian market


Besides the announcement regarding resuming sales in India, Hugo Barra also announced that the Xiaomi Redmi 1S would come back to Flipkart on 23rd December and the registration would begin shortly. The Redmi Note Sales would also begin shortly in India moreover the Redmi Note 4G Model would also be launched this time. So it can be said that it would launch the Redmi Note 4G in 2015

Anyone thinking to sell Smartphones in the Indian market can take all the problems faced by Xiaomi and work on it before beginning the Sales. When Xiaomi brought it’s first Smartphone “Xiaomi Mi 3” in India, the biggest issue it faced was “Transferring of Data to Chinese Servers” Solving that took more than 15-20 days and this concept made a bad impression of Xiaomi in the minds of the Indian people, but they were not able to stop themselves from buying Because of the Less price but still many people still fear buying Xiaomi products.

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The Second problem it faced led to a Temporary Ban in the Indian market. It was infringement of Ericsson’s SEP but today’s announcement was in Xiaomi’s favour hence Xiaomi continues selling products in the Indian market, But these mistakes can be avoided by some new company willing to sell products in the Indian market.

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