Xiaomi Apologizes for Unauthorised access of data

Xiaomi, the Chinese Smartphone manufacturer was rocking in the Indian market with the Cheap Mi 3 which had High-end Features. While it was rocking and selling Smartphones faster than Tatkal tickets, it faced a problem which was claiming that Xiaomi Sends data to Chinese Servers.
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This all started with Xiaomi Redmi 1S owner claiming that the Xiaomi Redmi 1S was sending data to Chinese Servers, which also made people believe that Xiaomi sends data to Chinese Servers when it was connected to WiFi. The user did claim that Xiaomi was sending data which included – Photos, Messages, Contact Details. etc.

Above all this, Hugo Barra made a post on his Facebook Timeline which was an Answer to the Questions which were arose by many Bloggers and Potential Xiaomi Smartphone Buyers. The matter was getting chill, Hugo Barra did answer the questions in the form of a Facebook Post and the Answers to the Questions were also posted on Xiaomi’s Official Page. Here’s the Answer given by Hugo Barra

Xiaomi Doesn't sends data says hugo barra

The matter was at the verge and was getting Chill but People at F-Secure clearly made an Update that Xiaomi sends data to Chinese servers which included : Messages, Contact Details and IFSI number. Here’s the Post which shows both – Xiaomi’s Unclear Answer that it doesn’t sends data and F-Secure People catches that Xiaomi Sends data to Chinese servers.

So today Hugo Barra made a Post on Google Plus giving answers to a lot of Answers and in a way did apologize for sending of Unauthorized Data and did announce that the new update will make the Cloud Messaging Service Optional, Here’ s the Answer which was given by Hugo Barra in regards to Unauthorized Access of Data.

Xiaomi Apologizes for Unauthorised access of data

So is it over? Or there will be some other hurdles Xiaomi has to face? Well this is an Online world we can’t expect anything! Anything can happen at anytime? Going through this will Xiaomi be able to capture the Smartphone markets outside China? I think if Xiaomi cares for the privacy!

  1. I would always prefer a phone from a reputed company and not fall for such new startups which give amazing specs in the device at low cost . OnePlusOne users worldwide are facing issues like tint yellow at bottom of the screen. Such issues won’t be there in a reputed company’s phone. And privacy will be their major concern and they will fix it at any cost. I seriously don’t understand y ppl run behind specs alone.

  2. Yes, that’s why when it comes to Electronic Gadgets, people prefer a brand than Features. Xiaomi would have captured the Indian Smartphone market but the things which the company did may not sound Pleasing to people! ūüôā

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