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Thank you for considering writing for We would love for you to write for us, but to be very clear up-font we are looking for 100% original content. This content must be able to pass Copyscape, and must be written by native English speaking writers. We have nothing against writers who speak English as a second language, we just value the quality of articles so our readers will continue to enjoy the quality they have come to expect from We will absolutely reject every article that looks to be spun. Again, we value quality. Our readers have to actually have to be able to read these posts and get something out of them.

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Articles must be 500-3000 words, and ideally they need to be informative and well written.


We are a tech niche blog so please be sure to only submit content with technology topics. We realize there are many subtopics within the technology niche. We are absolutely fine if you choose to write about a variety of topics such as Apps or iPhones, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Computers, Drones, or Hosting. If you are writing about technology, your topic will be approved. Most importantly write about topics you are extremely familiar with and know very well.


We will include 1 do-follow backlink per article submission on top of 2 backlinks to authoritative voices in the industry such as TechCrunch, Mashable, and GizModo. We will approve most anchor text unless of course it is a smarmy sales tactic. Smarmy salesy anchor texts are strictly prohibited.

Be Creative & NO Sales Tactics Please:

We want to publish your blog post, and we hope to be able to develop a long term working relationship with you, so please don’t submit articles with titles or sentences like “our hosting company is the best hosting platform in “enter city”. Be creative and talk about compelling topics. You’re going to get a larger audience if you actually write about topics our readership would be interested in reading, that people are actually searching for, and need to know about. We have noticed this works much better than if you were to shout from every rooftop that your friend’s app is the best app in America. It just makes sense for you, and our readership, and for to publish articles that are useful and worth reading, and void of any smarmy sales tactics.


We always do our very best to publish your blog post within 24 hours of submission, not to mention the fact that has a domain authority of 49 which is much higher than many Tech Niche blogs accepting guest blog posts.

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