WiFi has made using internet faster and stable on our Android phones. Almost most of the smartphone users consume depend on WiFi for downloading files, surfing, chatting and a countless number of activities associated with the Web. But we often keeping WiFi on after usage, that reduces the amount of battery and such things are very common and are inevitable.

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People like me end up having the WiFi of their phones turned on even while sleeping, Although there is no usage of WiFi when I sleep, but who wants to take pain to turn it off? This again reduces the battery by 10-15% depending on the usage. So to help your Battery last longer, XDA Recognized Contributor Abo Hani is up with an app – WiFi Saver.

WiFi Saver is an Android app which manages your WiFi based on your usage. It turns of WiFi in your phone when it doesn’t find any network or when there is no internet connection. In addition to these basic features, the app also has a lot of features which might help you reduce the usage of battery, thereby increasing in the battery life.

WiFi Saver Features

The Ad-Free WiFi Saver App has a minimal design with a lot of features which can save your battery life. These features are made, keeping in mind, “How a user feels” when he wakes up with less amount of battery because he forgot to turn off WiFi. If you are a non-geek, then you can simply enable the Basic Saver mod and save a good amount of battery.

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WiFi Saver Features

The Best thing about it is, you can choose the type of mods you want to apply and unselect the one’s which you aren’t interested in. If you are someone who ends up having the WiFi On entire night, even when you aren’t using Internet then, you can simply select “Disable WiFi when locked”.

The app isn’t only limited to turning off WiFi when you don’t use it or when it is locked or when there is no network, but the developer has added a lot of another features such as “Specific Auto connect” in which you will have to enter the name of the network which you want to Auto connect, after that even when your WiFi is Off, this will check for the Network and connect to it, in case it doesn’t find any, it will turn off WiFi again.

Using the WiFi Saver’s ‘Basic Time Feature‘, You can also disable using WiFi for a particular time period, For example, you are a college student who isn’t allowed to use your phones while the class is on, however, most of the time you forget to turn off WiFi before entering into your class and that again reduces the battery level, which can be protected by using WiFi Saver’s Basic Time Feature.  What do you think about this? I’ve personally loved this app!

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