Over the years, there have been rapid technological advancements that have impacted diverse aspects of life. Artificial Intelligence has made substantial progress in the last few years with breakthroughs being witnessed in diverse areas. In simple words, AI refers to the digital computer’s ability or the ability of computers that are controlled by computers to efficiently perform tasks that are associated with intelligent human beings.

It means that modern computer systems are capable of completing processes that require intellectual qualities associated with human beings. Examples of these processes include learning from the past, reasoning, discovering meaning, and generalizing. Analysts anticipate that based on the significant strides that AI has made, innovators will soon develop systems that will outdo human capacity to learn or reason in any field.

Currently, AI is extensively utilized across industries. For instance, it is largely used in the healthcare sector to help in patient diagnosis. Major advances are being made to utilize it for dosing drugs and for aiding in surgical procedures in the operating room. Self-driving cars also use artificial intelligence which helps them simulate making decisions by using human perceptual deep learning and control actions in driver systems.

With the seemingly numerous benefits, why is artificial intelligence dangerous? Commentators in technology and other fields have voiced their concerns about the dangers posed by AI. For instance, Tesla leader Elon Musk compared AI to the dangers of North Korea’s dictate. Bill Gates also voiced his opinion on why AI is dangerous. Nevertheless, he asserted that if AI was managed efficiently, the benefits could outweigh the dangers. This article will explore the dangers and risks of Artificial Intelligence.

The Top 4 Reasons Why AI is Dangerous

The threat of autonomous weapons

Artificial intelligence

For the longest time, nuclear weapons have been at the center of contention among world leaders. However, this might change with the continued progress in Artificial Intelligence. Autonomous AI-programmed Weapons would be the most dangerous innovations that would result in massive deaths. If the Russia-Ukraine war is anything to go by, it is evident that autonomous weapons programmed to kill will pose unprecedented risks if they are in the hands of an individual or a government with little or no regard for human life.

Social manipulation

Another significant concern regarding AI is the ability of individuals, companies, and the government to manipulate how people think and respond to social issues. Most companies have utilized social media algorithms for target marketing, which has been a good thing for them. However, data collected from social media platforms have been used by data companies to spread information that makes people think in a certain way. For instance, there were concerns that a company identified as Cambridge Analytica manipulated the 2016 US presidential elections as well as the Brexit vote. The danger of AI is weirder because companies will continue to spread propaganda through social media algorithms.

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Invasion of individual privacy

Artificial intelligence in marketing

Another reason answering why is AI dangerous? is that it has allowed governments and other agencies to track people’s movement online and in their daily lives. For instance, facial recognition technology allows them to know who we are and what we do through numerous cameras installed almost everywhere. Notably, the Republic of China is determined to use the information collected through this approach to power its social credit system. Each of its over 1.4 billion citizens will have a personal score that will be determined by the individual’s behavior. Needless to say, when a government is making decisions on the information it collects without your consent, it is not only an invasion of privacy but could also lead to the evil of social oppression.


Another notable reason why AI is bad is exposing people to discrimination. Undoubtedly, since the computer system collects and analyzes numerous information about people, it is not a wonder that they will use the information against you. For example, an employer who accesses your social credit score may deny you an opportunity to work with their company based on that information. Another example is an insurance company that may deny you a genuine claim because AI has flagged you for inconsequential habits while driving.

The Danger of AI from a Social Perspective

artificial intelligence

  • AI poses a threat to jobs and security: One of the main dangers of AI is that it will result in massive loss of jobs. Its proponents argue that AI enhances efficiency and reduces human errors, promoting profitability. However, it comes at a cost as most people will lose their livelihoods. For instance, most manufacturing companies will replace human capital with AI-programmed robots to increase productivity and reduce costs. The unprecedented collection of personal data exposes people to digital security, physical security, and political security, affecting individuals’ quality of life. Innovators should continually research measures to safeguard people’s security.
  • An avenue for cybercrimes: AI may promote the activities of cyber criminals which would adversely impact society. Imagine a scenario where they utilize deep fakes and deep learning models as avenues for social engineering to scam unsuspecting citizens of their money, personal and financial data, and intellectual property pretending to be entities that are verifiably trustable!
  • AI results in complacency: Another danger of AI is that it will lead to complacency. It is natural for humans to make complex decisions, which are creative and sometimes illogical. For instance, students are encouraged to think critically and be creative in solving problems to become competitive employees in the future. The education system encourages independent thinking to arm students with the necessary skills required in the competitive job market. However, giving out our control to AI will create room for complacency, draining our creative abilities. For instance, AI content writing tools would erode students’ capability to research and deliver high-quality projects.

Any wrong prediction could lead to life-threatening experiences: As discussed, AI is utilized in almost all aspects of life in modern society. For instance, it is largely adopted in the healthcare system to assist in patient diagnosis. In case of wrong predictions, it would result in numerous life-threatening experiences for patients.

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