Think of a workplace where you don’t have to regularly stay from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. All you need to do is to play your favorite game throughout the day.

How does that sound to you? Heavenly, we suppose?

This is why gaming can be a new career option. Well, that’s what you will do if you choose gaming as your profession. No, we’re not joking. If you are competent enough, you can definitely make a career out of gaming.

There are too many options available here as well!

For example, you can be a streamer and stream your gaming experience on a platform like YouTube or Twitch. Or, you can become a pro-gamer and partake in world championships of various online games, like Fifa or Fortnite.

As long as you’re not playing an internet-based game, you won’t have to worry about buying any title as well. You can download the same from Pirate Bay and start streaming right away.

But, will it be able to offer you a stable income? Even if it does, will the sustainability of the same be enough for the long run?

Please go through this article till the end to learn more about it.

Reasons Why Gaming Can Be A New Career Option?

Whether you believe it or not, playing games can be pretty beneficial for your psychological health. For instance, it can help you relieve stress and keep your mind fresh for a prolonged period. Aside from this, you can also meet new people from the platform and play with them together. Finally, gaming can also improve your focus and coordination altogether.

But, how does it look like a career option?

Well, when you are choosing gaming as your profession, you will have three ways to generate revenue for your purpose. These are –

Option – 1: Uploading Videos On YouTube

Uploading Videos

Uploading a video of you playing a trendy game has become pretty standard in the gaming industry. Let us tell you why.

To begin with, if you’re playing a popular game and uploading the video on YouTube, it’ll be easier for you to get views. The more of such you get, the higher your revenue generation will be. Also, if you include ad marketing in the same, you’ll earn even more.

If you can garner a substantial fan following on the platform, you can also start working as an online influencer. In this aspect, you will get a game from an organization for free and offer a review on the same – obviously, not for free.

However, gaming, as a career option on YouTube, has been pretty competitive since 2011. Thus, you may need a little bit of time to tick yourself up on this platform.

Option – 2: Streaming

small gaming keyboard

Like uploading on YouTube, streaming can also be a viable option if you are choosing gaming as your core profession. In this case, there’s no need to edit the video, create a plan, or do something flashy.

Instead, all you need to do is to activate the front camera, get the microphone ready, and hop into your favorite game instantly. Every streaming platform, such as Twitch, has a paying system where your viewers can donate some money to you.

It might take some time for you to take off with your career. However, once you become a famous streamer, like Ninja, you’ll be drowning in money.

Option – 3: E-Sports Championships

E-Sports Championships

If you are efficient enough in playing any particular game, you can also join a championship to show off your skillset. Unlike the previous options, it wouldn’t take you much time to win a lot of money, considering you are winning the tournament.

League Of Legends: Worlds is, in essence, an excellent example of E-Sports championships. Here, you will need to conjure a team of five and play against various other world-class teams from all around the world.

It’ll be pretty tricky to win the tournament, but if you and your team are well-synced, then anything can be possible.

The Bottom Line

Aside from the PC, mobile gaming has been on the rise for the last few years as well. Thus, even if you don’t have a computer, you can still get into the industry of gaming and make a career out of it.

Just make sure to be consistent enough, and it’ll all work out in the end for you.

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