It has been more than a year since I last booked a trip to Pakistan, so I am in desperate need of a new set of travel documents for my trip to attend a conference in Islamabad. While I am planning on using a fake passport with my personal information, my husband is planning on going undercover as a Westerner to help me out.

On his part, he is going to plan a great escapade by getting a hold of my own personal identification card from the Vital Travel Registry. The problem that I run into is that we are not allowed to be at the same time during the process, which means that I won’t be able to use my own custom vaccination ID card for the trip. So how can I get my own personal custom vaccination ID card while I am abroad?

The trick is to go through your travel policies and procedures for acquiring a vaccination ID card. There are two types of ID cards that you can get, namely, digital IDs or custom vaccination ID cards. Both of them are pretty much alike, aside from the fact that paper ones require you to fill out a paper application form and then send it back to the central government. Digital ID or custom vaccination ID cards, on the other hand, is more convenient in the sense that you can simply download them to an iPhone or laptop and can immediately check if you have received a vaccination or not.

check if you have received a vaccination or not

There are plenty of benefits to owning a digital custom vaccination ID card, especially since we live in a world where the risk of getting vaccinated is getting higher by the day. For one, there are a lot of diseases out there that haven’t been discovered yet, and it’s all thanks to the development of vaccines and antibiotics. We have a long way to go before we can fully protect ourselves from such deadly diseases as measles, dengue fever, and cholera. And even after we’ve found the pathogens we can’t avoid; they keep coming back because we don’t vaccinate our children. A vaccination ID card, then, serves as a safety net, preventing children and adults alike from being exposed to these diseases.

How Does Acquire a COVID-19 Custom Vaccination ID Card?

There are three ways: via phone order, online ordering, or ordering the product over the Internet. Each one is convenient in its own way, but it comes with its own set of complications. Phone ordering entails you making an appointment with a local health department office to get your immunization done. The process usually takes about four to five hours, depending on the department. For some areas, you might even have to drop by the office during office hours to get your free vaccine card.

COVID-19 vaccination ID card

Online ordering entails you visit an authorized website from the pharmaceutical company that makes the QR code infectious. The site usually asks for general information about your age, sex, and any other relevant medical information. After entering all that, you will just click “submit” and wait for the antiviral agent to be mailed to your home. Its costs vary on what pharmaceutical company you are using, ranging from a dollar to $20.

On the other hand, ordering vaccines via the international travel vaccination site is a little bit more convenient. This option, however, does not allow you to enter any pertinent medical information. Instead, all you must provide is your country of residence and your date of birth. You will also be required to provide your name and any contact numbers for your physician or foreign travel nurse who will help you in your preparation for getting the vaccine.

international travel vaccination site

In case you are worried about a vaccine passport scam, rest assured. This type of fraud is uncommon, although there have been some cases reported. In most cases, you will receive a separate card for receiving the vaccination. In some cases, you will be given an additional vaccine passport upon completion of your series. You can either get these cards mailed to you, or you can collect them at the nearest vaccination office.

The benefits of having a vaccination ID card are great. Your chance of catching any disease is dramatically increased as you will be able to show that you are already vaccinated. As well, you can visit any doctor or hospital within the United States without having to worry about whether you have already gotten your series. Keep in mind that this does not apply for Hepatitis A or B, Pippil V, or Gardasil. However, you should still follow instructions when it comes to routine shots as it helps protect you from diseases that you might catch.

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