You must be having an idea in your mind to start a business and then you must have started gathering all the necessary resources required to support your idea and turn it into a reality.

You must have sat down with people and discussed the different types of marketing and sales ideas that you have in mind.

Well, this is what most of the entrepreneurs out there do but all your plans of commencing a business shouldn’t have involved taking care of accounting because this is one of those business aspects that no one is interested in dealing with.

But at the same time, if you really want to make your business successful then you just can’t ignore accounting and bookkeeping.

accounting and bookkeeping.

With proper accounting and bookkeeping practices, you will be able to keep tabs on your financial health and this is why it is very much necessary to make sure that you are taking care of your bookkeeping in a well-profound manner.

With proper bookkeeping, you will also be able to keep the investors interested as this will allow you to give the investors complete financial details of your business and this is what the investors will be looking for.

But in order to streamline your bookkeeping and accounting efforts, you will have to choose the right accounting software solution as well.

Well, when you will ask anyone about the best accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses then you will mainly hear these two names; Zoho and QuickBooks.

Well if you are confused about these two accounting software solutions and not able to decide which one to choose then you have come to the right place.

In this blog post, we are going to do an unbiased comparison of both Zoho and cloud based QuickBooks so that you can decide which one will be better for your business.

Feature and integration

Zoho books vs QuickBooks online

You should know that Zoho is a small business accounting software solution and there are many added features that you will get along with this advanced accounting software solution like real-time inventory tracking, and brilliant customer support.

If you are freelance or running a one-man shop then Zoho can be used by you without any second thoughts. With the help of Zoho, you will be able to make accounting easier without actually going through any type of hassle.

From providing estimates to tracking inventory and handling bills, everything can be done right from the accounting software itself.

On the other side, QuickBooks is one of the best software solutions for small and medium-sized businesses along with accounting professionals.

It might be one of the most advanced accounting software solutions out there but it doesn’t mean that using QB is difficult.

When you will compare the list of features offered by both accounting software solutions then you will find that QB is much ahead of Zoho and even in terms of ease of access, QB is much ahead.

You will get 4 packages with QuickBooks and therefore you will have more flexibility when it will come down to choosing which type of feature you are looking for.

In terms of integration, both Zoho and QuickBooks stand on the same platform since then both can be integrated with a wide array of add-ons.

Price and support

Project Management Software


There are many features that will affect the pricing of the accounting software that you are using like the features of the accounting software, its integration, and popularity.

And if you are running a small or medium-sized business then it will become very necessary for you to check the price of the accounting software solution that you will be choosing.

When you compare both Zoho vs QuickBooks on the basis of pricing then you will definitely choose QuickBooks without any second thoughts.

You should know that QuickBooks offers you different types of pricing packages and that’s why you will have the flexibility of choosing the right type of package and thus we can say that QB is much ahead of Zoho in terms of pricing.

When you will be choosing Zoho then you will not get many options and that’s why you will have to stick with the only package they will offer.

Even while comparing the pricing of both the accounting software, you will find out that QuickBooks is much cheaper than Zoho and Intuit keeps on giving ultimate discounts to all its users in many different ways.

Even when you will compare both accounting software solutions on the basis of their pricing, you will realize that QuickBooks has much better support than Zoho.

There are many different ways through which you can contact QuickBooks and get your questions answered without much delay.

So, if you are looking for world-class support for your accounting software then you should choose QuickBooks without any second thoughts. And intuit also has many QuickBooks hosting in the market that enables cloud accessibility for desktop versions of QuickBooks.

As you can see, there are many fields in which QuickBooks is much ahead of Zoho and this is why choosing the advanced accounting software in the form of QuickBooks will always be a better choice for you.

It doesn’t matter which type of business you are running or what is the size of your business, QuickBooks will always have a solution for you and this is why they are the best accounting software solutions in the modern era.

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