There has been a handful of launches in smartphones with the new year like Le 1S, Zenfone Maxx, Zenfone Zoom and some more flagship in the near future. New year is not only about smartphones I guess.

WhatsApp is one of our favorite instant messaging apps. Few days back there was a good news about WhatsApp becomes free of any annual subscription fee. But I clearly remember that I haven’t paid for it anytime ever since I started using it in the year 2012. Anyways, there was a roar of happiness amongst those who did and the reason is pretty clear.

However, there is another news which says that WhatsApp to begin sharing your data with Facebook. As we know that Facebook had bought WhatsApp at $19 Billion almost more than a year ago. WhatsApp hasn’t changed after this deal. Facebook had said that they would do away with the annual subscription charges back then and keep the add more focused on development rather than income.

But it seems the time has come to generate some revenue out of the $19 Billion deal. According to this update, your WhatsApp data will be shared with Facebook to enhance your experience. But is it really so? Do you know that Facebook keeps a track of what you surf once you are logged in and are surfing some other website?

This option was found by Javier Santos by using some terminal commands in the beta version. Other beta version changes includes encrypting messages to prevent WhatsApp and any other third parties from spying on your messages.

The best part being, this is not a compulsory feature for all the users. The feature will be by default disabled, so you can not be really much bothered about it. If you are a regular user of both Facebook and WhatsApp like me, then this feature might be a useful thing for you. Share your photos or videos in one app, and it will be automatically shared over the other app. But if you are not, then you can go for disabling this feature.

Since these changes are in the beta version, we can’t really say how much this news is true. I am having mixed emotions on this particular news. What are your thoughts on this. Let us know in the comments below.

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