WhatsApp is not just an instant messenger, but it allows us to do a lot of tasks such as sending images, sending voice clips, sending videos and sending music. A lot of people still desire to send documents using WhatsApp and there were a lot of techniques (not official) which enabled people to send documents using WhatsApp.

WhatApp Update Rolling Out

Recently WhatsApp has released an update which allows people to send documents using WhatsApp. Yes, you read it right, you can now send documents using your WhatsApp. For the time being you will just be able to send PDF documents using WhatsApp.

Here are the screenshots showing the official WhatsApp Update

WhatApp will tell you if you friend hasn't received the update yet.
WhatApp will tell you if you friend hasn’t received the update yet.

Don’t feel sad if you haven’t received the WhatsApp Document update yet, because like always WhatsApp releases updates in the form of batches and I received this update while I was sleeping. Morning, when I woke up and when I tried sending an image using WhatsApp, I wasn’t able to send, because WhatsApp Documents option has moved the images option at the side.

The WhatsApp Documents option comes with the WhatsApp build number 2.12.493, if you haven’t received the update then you can download WhatsApp APK 2.12.493¬†from APK and sideload the APK on your Android Phone. However, the update isn’t available on iPhones and Windows Phones.



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