Have you ever received the dreaded “unknown number” call and wanted to know who’s so eager to reach you–or annoy you repeatedly with unwanted calls? Now, a Reverse Phone lookup service can help you find the identity of an unknown number very quickly. That mysterious late night caller will never know you looked them up, either, because your anonymity is protected when using these services. 

Here are some important reasons you might want to use a reverse phone lookup: 

  • You can check who your children have been chatting with on-line. 
  • You can check who’s been spamming you.
  • You can simply see whose call you missed.
  • If you’re being harassed or even stalked, you can determine the identity of your harasser.  
  • You can monitor the security and safety of your family.
  • You can even use these numbers to help remove unwanted followers on twitter and instagram. 

When you enter a phone number into one of the many reverse lookup services available on the internet, the service will search through its database of numbers.  Once it finds a match, it will list it for you. Most of the sites that provide reverse phone lookup services use public databases or directories to find the identity of callers by phone numbers. You’ll receive the name of the owner of the phone number, his/her address history, the mobile carrier for cell phones, and sometimes even the names of family members. 

Today, there are both free and for-fee services. Some reverse phone lookup services are more reliable than others, and some more simple to use. You can try to look up phone numbers for free using Facebook, but if the source of the phone call doesn’t use Facebook or provide that data, it won’t work. In addition, land line numbers are easier to find than cell phone numbers. If you know that you are going to reverse lookup cell phone numbers, you should begin looking for a paid service. The reason services that provide cell phone numbers charge a fee is because cell phone databases must be compiled manually by the service companies, whereas landline phone numbers are widely available public information. 

Since most callers use cell phones today, using a reliable application is often the simplest way to look up a cell phone number and pay the small fee.  In addition, a reverse phone lookup application can help make the process simple for even the most novice of on-line users. A small fee to satisfy your curiosity, protect your security, and give yourself peace of mind is worth it to most people.

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