In this article, we will think about what marketing can be like in the next 5 years and how marketing tools will change. With the help of marketing trends, you can effortlessly establish effective marketing activities and achieve record results in the shortest possible time.



The very first thing that will continue to gain momentum in the world of marketing is Big Data. Analytics services from Google, and Facebook have long been a necessity for online marketing. User data will become more segmented, allowing you to create more relevant offers for each user.

In parallel with this, most likely, companies will be able to collect more and more array of data from different sources.


The point emerging from Big Data is the automation of business processes. In marketing, these are automatic sales systems.

If there is a large amount of “white” data, the systems will be able to build relevant product chains for each user, they will be able to adjust the time at which they need to promote products, build customer return systems, etc.

The business will free up a third of its employees’ time for other tasks that will primarily be product building and planning.

We are already seeing a trend in AI now – these are chat bots. This method of attracting customers is used by many online companies, for example, casino. Their widespread implementation in social networks and instant messengers provides a wide range of business opportunities. We often help businesses create auto funnels for messengers and social networks, and we do it successfully.

If you look at tools such as voice technology, then we also have an opinion on this. If you look at the experience of voice assistants, you can see a very good real-time product and a great prospect for the technology in the future.

traditional marketing

The question of how this tool will be useful specifically for small and medium-sized businesses remains open. We think that voice assistant technologies will be used in business, but will not be a priority, and will take about 10-15% of the total promotion channels.


The offline world will undergo very big changes. We are sure that offline marketing will also have tools for instant customer analysis.

What format will they be in? One of the simplest examples is Amazon’s offline store technology, where the system automatically reads the products in the cart and debits the customer’s account when they leave the store.

In parallel with this, the need for cashiers will disappear, which is already a rudimentary element of any store.

Single Tools

We are also confident that there will be tools that will allow you to manage your company’s marketing in one window.

Unfortunately, now you have to use dozens of different services, carry out continuous integrations, understand software, pay for technologies separately, etc.

As a result of one-click integrations, the speed of work of marketers will increase, and business performance will become higher.

Unnecessary Concerns

Yes, breakthrough technologies are great and cool, but even at such a speed, technology will not replace a person.

Businesses will continue to need marketers. There will still be a need for strategic marketing and analysis that platforms and software will not replace. You will also need specialists who can support the work of marketing at the proper level.


It will become easier to promote products and services, but business will also require smart people and human-to-human relationships.

From the experience of clients, we see that a small business can exist using a couple of services and employing 1-2 employees, but medium and large businesses constantly need staff, and software is just an addition that frees time from routine processes.

What Will Marketing Look Like In 5 Years?

We constantly follow trends and think about what our company will be like, how much technology will affect us, and change our business model.

That is why we regularly introduce new tools into our work, improve our skills, and offer only relevant and effective tools for our clients.

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