What is Weedmaps App? Our App Review

weedmaps app

There are now 33 states that allow the sale of medical marijuana in the US. Ten have fully legalized it for recreational use as well.

Now that it’s legal, a lot of people struggle to find the best dispensary near them. Thankfully the Weedmaps app is here to solve that problem. Read on to see if you can answer the question, what is Weedmaps app?

What Is Weedmaps?

Weedmaps is an app and website that lets users find local dispensaries and marijuana-related businesses. It’s one of the largest such sites online and has been called the Yelp of weed before.

It has postings from every state with legal marijuana and several places internationally. Users can choose from a variety of free or fee-based information in their search.

The Weedmaps app doesn’t actually sell or participate in any marijuana-related trades. Instead, it allows users and businesses to post their information free from censorship.

How the Weedmaps App Works

The Weedmaps app works because of the businesses and users who frequent it. Like Yelp, TripAdvisor, or other review sites it relies heavily on community involvement.

A business can create a profile on their site and post basic information. This lets them connect more effectively with local users or people visiting from out of town.

Benefits of This App

Users can enter their location and find highly recommended dispensaries and related shops. They can even leave reviews on them and have their opinion heard.

Most features are free, but there are a few paid options as well. They recently began rolling out a feature allowing you to make purchases online.

Using their listings of dispensaries, they’ll hook you up with one that makes deliveries of weed or cannabis oil.

Using the Weedmaps App Reviews

So you’ve found a local dispensary and want to talk about your experience, now what?

Leaving a review on the Weedmaps app is seriously easy. You just create a free account and post your thoughts. As long as you follow their review guidelines your voice will be heard.

You can also post about bad experiences or report inaccuracies in a dispensary’s listing. An active user base helps keep all the listing accurate and reliable.

Weedmaps App Pricing

Let’s get one thing out of the way first, The Weedmaps app is free for everyday users. You can search for dispensaries, use the mapping function, and leave reviews.

If you’re a business you can get a basic profile for free. This lets you post your basic information and allows people to start reviewing you.

Much like search engines, The Weedmaps app also allows businesses to pay to be placed higher in results. You can purchase an enhanced profile and have your business moved up.

This is very helpful if you’re in a crowded market and want to get noticed.

Try It Out

Now that you can answer the question of what is the Weedmaps app you’re ready to give it a try. You can hop on your computer or download their app to get started. You’ll be astounded at just how easy it is to find legal weed in your area.

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