Some parents would have a child aboard with a strange driver on a trip. Some wives would want to keep the security of their family; Some companies would monitor their devices. There are legal reasons to trace other devices. And there are professional solutions like Eyezy.

Why Do People Sometimes Spy on Others?

Spy on Others

Why track someone by their phone number? For many reasons, like:

  • Cheating husbands and wives.
  • Family member’s security.
  • Helping old family and friends who might have a disability to get back home.
  • Kids’ devices control.
  • Teenagers’ monitoring.
  • Interfere in teenagers’ addiction, gambling, debt, etc.
  • Employees’ devices monitoring.

There are many reasons for millions of users who experienced using a cell phone number tracker like Eyezy to track other devices. Sometimes it is crucial to interfere and check someones call history to stop something from happening or to make something happen. Users helped their beloved family members with complicated problems like addiction and problems with debt, breakups, social issues, etc. Parents would have the technical advantage of their teenagers’ devices. They can know everywhere they go, and everybody, they contact. Parents can. Companies would have control of the devices they give to employees for specific tasks and want to control misusage.

Top 3 Apps for Cell Number Tracking

To find someone’s location by phone number, you need to subscribe to spyware. There are limited options available as it is a limited service to authorizations. And here are three of the best:


Localize Is the shortest possible way. You would only send an SMS to the target through the website. Once they open its link, you will receive their current location marked on maps. No installation on any of the devices, and no settings adjustments. And that’s why it’s the favorite choice of many for tracking any phone number.



GEOfinder presents detailed services to its users with more options, like confidentiality options. Users would choose to request permission with a customizable message with a URL to access their GPS location and send it to you in a few available options.


It is the best phone tracker. Eyezy is not an SMS you send with a URL to track a cell phone location by number, as Localize and GEOfinder. It will require installation and setting some preferences. Yet, it is a complete solution with many more options and applications to track everything about a targeted cell phone and not only its location.

It is not a problem to use spyware like Eyezy or location trackers; It is legal in many situations. Why track a phone number? If the logical answer to that sounds ok, then it is probably legal to do so. Here are some examples:

Track own properties

It is usually legal and ethical to track a device users bought with their money. They would probably have the right to do so, and there is no legal or ethical problem.

Youngers devices

Parents would agree with their children and teenagers to track their location in many situations, like traveling alone, going somewhere for the first time, or needing help getting back home or going somewhere.

Track Agreement

It is legal and ethical to track someone who agrees to that. It can happen in many social and professional situations.

Phone Tracker

Business Devices

Companies usually track devices with their employees for controlling and security purposes.


It is possible, legal, and easy to find someone’s location by their number; If you are a parent who wants to monitor the security of your younger or a business owner who wants to control the company’s operation. With Localize, GEOfinder, and Eyezy, the best phone tracker.

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