Node.JS allows the production of web servers and networking tools using JavaScript and a collection of  modules that handle various core functionality. It is an open-source, cross platform JavaScript environment that executes JavaScript code outside of a browser. Node.js has been called the future of real-time web applications and is a step above other applications as a result of its unique push technology. This allows  two way communication between the client and the server, thus allowing them to share data in real time. Node.js is lightweight, flexible, easy to maintain, and scalable, all factors that have made it highly popular with developers worldwide.

Who is it for?

The Node.JS certification program is aimed at software developers who want to improve their competence in a hands-on, command-line environment. The right training and a certification will provide the individual the skills and the confidence to fulfill the responsibilities of a Node.js  software developer. It is advisable to have at least a few years of experience in software development, testing, or project management to undertake the training and boost your profile.

Let’s look at the 10 reasons why you need to do this course

1.It’s global

Node.js is a software used by companies and developers across the world. By doing this course, you’re looking at being able to expand your career to anywhere in the world.

2.It’s flexible 

Being a one size fits all system, you will become eligible to implement this agile system regardless of the size of the enterprise and scale it to your needs.

3.Adds to your resume

Let’s face it, you are here because you want to improve your employability and expand your portfolio. A certification in Node.js is a must have for any professional in the front-end software development world.

4. It can be done at your own pace

If time is a problem with you because of your working hours then we have just the solution for you. The online course is designed keeping in mind the busy professional. You can take it at any time of the day and any place you choose. Be it your office or even your living room. The course has adequate assignments and practicals to ensure that you master Node.js and become skilled at it. 

5.You would be taught by the best

Industry experts who will hand hold you through the learning of Node.js will be able to guide you from the most basic to the most advanced level. They will clear all your doubts and queries and make you competent enough to handle on the job challenges

6.Certification from the right institution goes a long way.

Certification gives your course the credibility that it needs to add value to your career. A certification after a course from a good institute can help catapult you in the right direction towards success.

7.It can be done from any part of the world.

Our commitments and responsibilities very often restrict us from being able to participate in experiences that would be beneficial to us, such as learning a new skill. The system put in place with most Node.js courses, has collaborative mediums where you can discuss coding with instructors and other participants, enabling you to pursue this certification, without ducking your other personal commitments. 

8. Don’t wait to show your expertise

By doing the Node JS training from a recognised institute, you are setting yourself up for success. With hours of practical, hands on learning along with the theoretical knowledge which comes as a part of their curriculum, you will be able to implement them as soon as you have finished the course.

9.Learn by doing

Many of the online Node JS courses provide immersive hands on training with a course structure that emphasizes on learning through practical exercises and  project building. This also helps you build a portfolio of projects through the course.

10.Greater market value 

I cannot stress this enough. In the 5 years that Stackoverflow has been studying data in the Developer survey, they have seen Node.js grow in popularity at a much greater rate than languages such as PHP and other close substitutes.On LinkedIn Jobs, you can see job postings for Node.js developers outweigh those for other programming language job roles by almost 10,000. This, despite the fact that Node.js is younger than it’s contemporaries. 

These are the 10 reasons why you should do the Node.js certified developer program. What is your reason not to?

Sign up for the training today.

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