Streaming services mark a watershed in the reign of Video watching experience. It is not less than a revolution. Streaming service providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even YouTube offer 4k Content.

Now, if you want to watch these Ultra-HD videos, you need support for high-speed Internet. Only with a high-speed Internet connection, you are going to enjoy a seamless video experience.

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However, the speed of the Internet becomes the most important aspect here.

Let’s discuss the Internet speed that is required to watch 4k movies.

Benefits Of Streaming Services

Benefits Of Streaming Services

According to data, there are around 40 million people in the US who stream Amazon Prime Video. And around 35 Million people stream Twitch.

It is also inferred from a study that around 78% of the consumers in the United States use a subscription video on demand.

So it does not take much to understand the rising popularity of streaming services. So let’s check out the benefits that you could get from the streaming services.

  1. When you are watching streaming videos, you don’t really have to watch the advertisements. Therefore you are getting a seamless experience through the services.
  2. Using streaming services, watching sports and movies becomes extremely convenient.
  3. With Streaming platforms, you are able to see the latest movies and series. If you have a fascination with old movies, the streaming services like Netflix and Amazon have voluminous libraries. You can get them right there.
  4. If you use streaming services, it prevents your kids from watching inappropriate videos. This is an important element for sure.

4K Streaming: Overview

4K Streaming

Now a Question…What is 4K?

4K denotes 4 times the resolution of Pixel, which is twice the line resolution of 2160p or 1080p 1920×1080 pixels.

If you want some resolution that offers you the smoothest of visuals and makes your eyes contended, 4k is surely the resolution that you need to have in the truest sense.4k streaming means watching 2160 p content through a web Connection.

Netflix is one streaming platform where you can watch videos of various video quality. That means you are getting flexibility in your service.

There is some content that is temporary or like rented services. This denotes you could purchase the content, and you no longer need to stream.

And yes, the Internet connection. You really need fast Internet speed in order to stream the 4k content.

How Fast Does The Internet Speed Need To Be For 4K?

Internet Speed

Streaming services like Youtube, Amazon Prime, and Netflix now offer 4K content. But it takes a lot of Internet speed to provide high-quality services.

You might think that you are getting 4K because you have a 4k TV. The minimum Bandwidth that is required to be able to stream a video without buffering differs from one service to another.

Now, this is different because each of the services compresses data in different ways. We will look at the specific requirements.

But on average, if you are consistently getting speeds of 25mbps or higher, you will be able to watch 4k content. For a 4k quality video streaming with H. 264 codec, we recommend using a 32 Mbps bandwidth. And you need 15 Mbps with H.265 codec.

Remember, if you are checking the speed of your broadband, you need to make sure that the device that you are using is connected to Wi-Fi. Just your mobile network will not be enough.

If you stream 4k content at Netflix, the minimum Internet speed is 25mbps. For Amazon Video, if you intend to use Ultra HD (4K) movies, you require a minimum Internet speed of 15mbps.

For Apple Tv, you require a minimum of 13mbps to watch Ultra HD (4K) content. A more or less the same speed is required for watching 4k movies on YouTube.

Finally, for Hulu and Vudu 4K services, you need a minimum of 13mbps and 11 Mbps, respectively.

A Clear Picture

It is quite clear from the aforementioned understanding that you need high-speed Internet service if you want to enjoy 4k Movies.

You need to subscribe to Internet connections from the bands that have a good reputation for providing high-speed Internet.

This will provide you with an impeccable experience without buffering.

Best of luck and have a great Streaming!

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