Smartphones are one of the most important technological devices made in recent years. Everyone has one, and everyone uses their smartphone for everyday tasks, for contacting others, and for entertainment, too – there are no limitations in what these devices can do. Smartphones have changed drastically since they were first launched, and that’s going to continue over the next few years and decades. But what does the future of smartphone devices look like? Let’s take a look!

The Development Of Smartphone Technology

Development Of Smartphone

Before we dive into what the future of smartphones will look like, it’s a good idea to glance back and see how far they’ve come. Early smartphones were released around the early 2000s, with Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices becoming the most popular devices, although they were mostly used by professionals rather than the general public. Over the next few years, more phones began to launch with keyboards, and some had basic touchscreen mechanics too.

That all changed with the launch of the iPhone, which included an improved touchscreen with twice the resolution of most other phones at the time. Apple’s iPhone proved hugely successful, leading to numerous successors that have built upon the foundation of the original phone. Other tech giants have released phones like the iPhone, featuring complete touchscreens, an app store with games and other applications, and multi-touch gestures. Some companies have even managed to build upon Apple’s design and include new features not available with iPhones.

Current trends have seen the size of smartphones increase rapidly, and some companies have also released groundbreaking new designs, such as smartphones with foldable screens. In addition to that, smartphones have increased exponentially in power, battery life, and what they can achieve. Mobile phones today can play and be used to edit 4K video, can be used to play taxing games like smartphone casino titles, and can be used to take gorgeous photos and videos.

What We Can Expect In The Future Of Smartphones

What We Can Expect

Since smartphones have made numerous leaps forward in the last two decades, many of you must be wondering what more smartphones can do. Well, a lot, actually!

First of all, we’re likely to see new design changes coming up. For example, although there are already several smartphones with foldable screens, they’re not very popular right now, and the technology is still somewhat new. As tech giants refine these foldable designs, we may eventually see more people take advantage of the devices. What’s more, many smartphones have been gradually moving to have a completely notch-less design, meaning the entire front screen of the phone can be used. While we’re not completely there yet, it’s likely that we’ll soon have smartphones that have a completely usable and clean screen.

Alongside the above, we’ll likely see more smartphones change their ports. Numerous smartphones have already dropped the 3.5mm headphone jack for wireless headphones. With wireless charging on the rise, we may also see some smartphones drop their current USB and Lightning ports and potentially scrap having any ports altogether, although this will likely be a few years away.

Smartphones will also likely become more powerful and faster and will utilise the latest internet connections available. At the time of writing, 5G has only launched in a few countries, but in the future, smartphones will most likely be on faster connections, although we’re not quite sure just how fast we need to go.

completely new type of technology

Of course, there’s always the chance that a completely new type of technology is released that will replace smartphones and make them obsolete. It’s hard to picture now, but most people from several decades ago probably wouldn’t have believed that we’d have the smartphones we do now!

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