In 2020, solar installations increased by 43% in the United States. Learning about solar panel uses will show you what solar energy is capable of.

What is a solar panel? It’s a panel that converts sunlight into usable energy. There are different types of solar panels out there, but the most common type is monocrystalline silicon solar panels.

Solar energy is the future. You might as well start reaping the benefits of solar energy now rather than later.

Keep reading to learn the top five uses for solar energy.

1. Produce Home Electricity

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Solar power is capable of meeting your home’s electricity needs. Best of all, it accomplishes this feat without harming the environment.

How do solar panels work for homes? Professionals typically install solar panels on top of homes. It’s also possible to install solar panels anywhere there’s open space and plenty of sunlight.

It’s easy to find out exactly how much solar power you’ll need to maintain your lifestyle. A home energy audit will break down your electricity consumption, needs, and habits.

2. Provide Portable Power

Solar energy also provides portable power solutions. Using a portable solar power source gives you the benefits of convenience and renewable energy all at once.

For example, you could charge your phone with a solar-powered phone charger. This type of solar energy source is beneficial if you’re going camping or to the beach. It also helps anywhere else you might not have regular access to electricity.

3. Charge Batteries

Charging batteries with solar power is fairly simple. Simply have an experienced professional engineer install a battery backup system along with your solar power system.

That way, you’re able to charge batteries during the day for nighttime use. It’s a good way to break the cycle of using disposable batteries, then throwing them out/sending them to a landfill.

4. Reduce Your Electricity Bill and Increase Savings

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You’re probably wondering, are solar panels worth it? The truth is that some of the biggest solar panel benefits are financial benefits.

Solar panels’ ability to produce green energy via sunlight cuts down on your electricity spending. This eventually results in savings

Plus, there are local and state government incentives available. They exist for the purpose of encouraging people to switch to solar energy. If you qualify for any of them, it’ll decrease your installation costs.

5. Achieve Energy Independence

Relying on traditional energy means you’re relying on a third party to provide you with power. Meanwhile, switching to solar power helps you achieve energy independence.

In 2021, experts think solar will produce 39% of the electricity capacity in the United States. That means more people will be achieving energy independence sooner than you think.

When you achieve energy independence, you only have to rely on your own means for power. Solar panels help you accomplish this in the most affordable, green-friendly way possible.

So Many Solar Panel Uses, So Little Time!

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Solar energy is only as effective as the amount of sunlight your panels get. All solar panel uses depend on your panels receiving enough sunlight during the day.

Always place solar panels in locations that get plenty of sunlight. Otherwise, they won’t produce enough energy to satisfy your lifestyle needs.

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