Games play an essential part in one’s life and every gamer would like to know the Games which are trending for a period, in this post we are sharing a Weekly roundup which consists of the most downloaded Android Video Games Last week all over the world. So that if you are a gamer and have missed some of them listed below then you could Join it now, because it is said “Better Late than Never”. So without speaking much about this round up, Let’s begin with the Games which remained trending in the last week.

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You will find the Screenshots, Short descriptions, pricing information and Android OS versions these games support. Some of the games listed below would also have in-app purchases which would enable the gamer to buy some equipment which would make the game easier and interesting for the gamer playing it, for instance, providing a accurate gun for purchase.

NHL 2K ($7.99)

best android games of the week NHL 2K

This game will be cherished by hockey fans all over the world, it offers game play modes such as career mode, arcade styled three on three mini rink and turn based multiplayer penalty shootout. It does supports controllers and thus provides a console like hockey experience.

NHL 2K is available on the Play Store at $7.99 at present, it also offers in-app purchases and works on Android Devices having the Android version above Android 4.0

RETRY (Free)



Rovio the makers of Angry Birds have churned out yet another addictive game – RETRY. RETRY is a game like Flappy bird derived 2D plane game. The objective in this game is to fly (of course in the flappy bird style tap to fly way) as far as possible, while avoiding any obstacles.

Retry is available here on the Playstore for free, and it works on Android 2.3 and above versions. The game offers in-app purchases for those who get stuck on a level, but it actually advises you to “RETRY”, So if you are a gamer who don’t like to give up at Hard circumstances then give “RETRY” a try.

Republique ($ 2.99)

best android games republique


With a not so uncommon but huge size of 1GB download, Republique provides stunning graphics and a immersive storyline. Republique is a stealth-action game where the player tries to help “Hope” a woman who is a prisoner and victim of Republique (a bizarre cult). The gameplay consists of hacking the Republique’s computers and surveillance network and thus rescuing Hope.

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To install the Game Republique, you need an Android Phone with Android Version above Android 4.0 and needsome enough space on the phone to install the game graphics. Republique is available on the Playstore for download. It offers in app purchases.

( Note: This buy will provide you 3 chapters of the gameplay, the last two chapters will be made available in the future. and are available for a combo pre-order at $14.99).

Galaxy on Fire: Alliances (Free)

galaxy on fire-alliances


Alliances is a strategy Massively Multiplayer Online Game that allows you to play the commander of either of Vossk, Nivelians or Terrans. The Undiscovered parts of Shroud Nebula are up for grabs by defeating the other rivals. Worldwide players can connect to each other and take benefit of the alliance system.

Galaxy on Fire : Alliances is free to install, but offers in app purchases for beating the rivals easily. The game is available on Playstore, and can be played on Android 4.0.3 and above versions and get trending games for iPhone from here.

If You’ve played All then great, if you missed these great games then start playing one, we will soon be with another weekly roundup and would share the list of most downloaded Android Games for this week. Hope you found the “Game to play next”. Stay tuned to Droidmen for more games and Android news.

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