Thanks to the internet, all the critical information that sports enthusiasts need to support their fandom is available at the click of a mouse

The digital age is great for a number of reasons but it is especially handy for sports fans. The ability to stay connected around the clock to the variety of teams and players they support is an invaluable advantage. However, with such a wealth of information out there, it can be hard to narrow down which platforms are worth investing in.

In this article, we identify four of the best types of websites that every sports fanatic needs to have quick and easy bookmark access to. After all, if you want to be the most educated, most connected fan in your friend group, the internet is a great place to start.

Websites That Every Sports Fans Should Bookmark

Free Sports Streaming Sites

10 Candidates for Best Sports App for Streaming on Android

Many people are familiar with the most popular live streaming services of today such as YouTube TV, fuboTV, and Sling TV. However, while these require their users to sign up and pay a (sometimes hefty) monthly fee, there are also streaming providers for sports that are accessible free of charge. Even without a TV, these platforms allow supporters to tap into their services without committing for the long haul. Some of the best include Stream2Watch, CBS Sports and Fox Sports Go, although the exact ones available will depend on your geographic location. By making use of free streaming opportunities, sports fans can cut down on costs while enjoying the game they love.

Sportsbook Sites With Insights From Experts

In recent years, especially in the United States, sports betting presence in the virtual environment has really taken off. As new legislation paves the way for more providers to operate legally online, these platforms are able to provide tips, odds, statistics, and moreover a range of professional sports throughout their respective seasons. Whether you’re a baseball fan, hockey supporter, or devout follower of the NFL, the best online sportsbooks cater to nearly every league. However, fans should pay close attention and only bookmark those betting platforms that provide data from expert handicappers. For example, NFL picks from OddsChecker are broken down by experienced football gurus with years of experience. In this way, fans can make the most educated betting choices on and before gameday.

Sportsbook Sites with Insights from Experts

Sites that connect sports supporters with fellow fans are great for building community online

Community Fan Engagement Sites/Blogs

One of the best parts of sports fandom is getting the chance to share it. Of course, attending a live game in a sold-out stadium or getting a jersey signed by your favorite player are both incredible things in and of themselves, but if you have a fellow fan to describe the experience to, it makes it even more worthwhile. That’s why fans should check out sports blogging communities where supporters write about every aspect of professional athletics. Here, you may even have the chance to connect with a sportswriter and make a new fan friend. Whether it is a large media-owned brand or a smaller fan-centric blog, the internet creates numerous opportunities to get connected.

Sports News Sites

Sports News Sites

Last but certainly not least, the only thing more important than watching a game live in real-time is making sure you catch all the important playbacks, press conferences, and stats that come after it. This is where sports news sites come in handy, as they give fans all the breaking news surrounding their favorite teams and players. Of course, big brands like ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and the Bleacher Report cover a wide range of franchises, but there are also smaller platforms that address those local organizations which make their home in a specific town or city. Slide a few up to your bookmark toolbar to ensure that you never miss a second of important info. Because most, if not all, of these news sites come with mobile counterparts, on-the-go sports news consumption is also a possibility for busy fans.

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