The world of technology has been progressing in rapid leaps and bounds. There have been many changes which have been happening to the way we see devices around us to be, and things are constantly shrinking. The computers became laptops, the laptops shrunk to tablets and mobile phones, and now it’s time for wearable technology to step up. Indiegogo has recently featured the world’s first ever Touch Enabled Smart T-Shirt!


This Touch Enabled Smart T-Shirt is called ‘Broadcast’ as it can broadcast any message you want, straight on to your T-Shirt! The creators officially describe it as:

“The Broadcast t-shirt is a revolutionary digital t-shirt that allows you to customize your slogan and image as often as you like. It’s the first wearable, commercially available, a programmable digital t-shirt designed for you to break the boundaries of your digital creativity.”

More About Broadcast Touch Enabled – Smart T-Shirt

It doesn’t matter if you have the Monday Blues, or want to Thank God It’s Friday! You can now broadcast any message on your Smart T-Shirt with the help of the app it comes with. Also, to top it all off, not just text, this Smart T-Shirt also supports various designs! These designs can be created on the phone and shared with other people who are using the app.

This smart T-Shirt comes in a large number of sizes, ranging from XS to XXXL, and offers the users various color options. The users can also choose between a collared and a round neck T-Shirt. Also, another option that the buyers get is having the LED panel on the front or on the back. Double panel T-Shirts are also available.

The T-Shirt is waterproof, and is completely washable! Talking about the prices, the price range starts at $49 for the “super early bird” buyers, as well as packs of two, packs of three packs of 4 and more. A corporate plan is also available for $1009.

Grab Your Digital Smart T-Shirt Now!