Call of Duty Warzone has been a blast since its release. The online multiplayer treat given by Activision has battled handsomely with games like PUBG and Fortnite. With high realistic graphics and gameplay, Call of Duty managed to grab millions of players from around the world. Warzone patch notes have been helping the core gameplay of the game to develop, and now it is coming very soon.

Warzone is coming with all its glory with a brand new season 6. With the spooky month, Warzone came with their Haunting event. This patch brings an amazing conclusion to the Black Ops Cold War Zombies, with some surprising change in Verdansk.

The update will hit your game on October 22nd, so be sure to get ready with your buddies to start playing the game. Before we discuss Warzone patch notes, let us first talk about the game itself.

We will discuss the following topics below –

  • Getting to Know the Warzone
  • Getting to Warzone Patch Notes
  • The Event in Season Six
  • New Weapon in Warzone Update Patch Notes
  • Release Date for Call of Duty Warzone Patch Notes
  • Conclusion

Before we discuss all the Warzone patch notes, let’s get a quick intro to what the game is all about.

Getting To Know The Warzone

Getting To Know The Warzone

The game was released back in March 2020, with a lot of hype in the COD fan zone. COD tried to give a tough competition to games like Fortnite and Valorant, which are raising the bar day by day. Warzone without any hassle managed to attract the majority of the gamers and gave them a treat of their life.

In the game, you jump into the battleground with your friends to fight among 150 live players around the globe. You gather supplies for survival and power. For the best experience, play this event at night to get spooked with your buddies.

Why Choose COD Warzone?

  • The first thing that got everyone attracted was the free availability of the game. Just like its competitors, the game has a battle royale feature where you can compete with other players live.
  • The game was launched on most platforms that support gaming. For example, PlayStation 4&5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and X/S.
  • With the gameplay and design. Warzone delivers a realistic feel to the visuals with impactful gameplay on our hands. The intensity and action you get during the match are tremendously satisfying.

It is obvious that the game is great and satisfying to play. But people are choosing Warzone over Valorant and Apex Legends because COD has offered more intense gameplay and constant updates. Plus the realistic graphics are a treat to our eyes. Warzone patch notes are making the game better because of all the fixes they offer.

Facts About The Warzone

A great game always comes with tons of facts. If you are a true COD fan, you need to know these unique truths about the game.

  • Did you know the Warzone’s battleground had over 6 million players on its first day? Now the number goes above 100 million, which is crazily insane.
  • There are over 70,000 players who were banned from playing the game because of cheating. This made Activision announce an anti-cheat system update which will be coming on October 14th, 2021.
  • COD Warzone is looking to add skin for John McClane (from Die Hard) and Rambo in May 2021.

Even though the game is a huge success, it is filled with bugs and glitches. You can find thousands of videos on TikTok and Instagram about these epic bugs. But Warzone update patch notes every now and then to keep the glitches to a minimum. Some people find this funny, but some are very frustrated and annoyed that they did not hesitate to call Warzone the worst game from the COD franchise.

Now let us talk about the Warzone patch notes.

Getting To Know Warzone Patch Notes

Getting To Know Warzone Patch Notes

The new patch note is one of the biggest updates the game will get. The Warzone patch notes will be approximately 30 GB for platforms like PlayStation and Xbox, whereas the game will be around 40GB for PC users. It will take some time to download and install the update, but once you do, you are going to enjoy it a lot.

Modes In COD Warzone Patch Notes Season Six

A Time-Limited Mode – Ghosts of Verdansk-

  • There has been an addition of minor changes in this mode. Fear reduction speed has been increased when standing on Sacred Ground.
  • The ghost will drop ammo when they are killed.
  • Reduced passive fear gain
  • If you are too far in the gas the souls will be eliminated.
  • The fear reduction will increase when you kill humans or ghosts.

Bug Fixes In Warzone Patch Notes

Like we talked about, Warzone is filled with various bugs and glitches. The developers tried to bring various patch notes to fix these problems.

  • Fixed some elements so the players can shoot/peek/exploit through various objects in the game.
  • Fixed the error in Iron Trials ’84 where matches were not starting.
  • Fixed error in Scopes and Scatterguns where matches were not starting properly.
  • Fixed a problem where Seasonal Challenges were grayed out in the menu.
  • Fixed audio issue between Supply box and Red doors.
  • Fixed issue with camera tilt when using a Krig 6
  • Fixed issue of stitches subtitle when near red doors
  • Fixed issue where Set as Favourite and operator Bios were not visible while using a gamepad.
  • Fixed issue where QBZ-83 used to hitch when fired.
  • Fixed issue where the ejection port of C58 was not opening in firing animation.
  • Fixed error where players were experiencing errors like Dev Error 5573 or Dev Error 5476.

Hopefully, there will be fewer amount of bugs that can make players want to punch a hole in their screen. It is genuinely frustrating when you lose a game because of the crappy game system. We still need to remember that Warzone is pretty new and online games always have issues. At least COD Warzone has fewer bugs than Cyberpunk.

The Event In Season Six

The Event In Season Six

The haunting event is upon us. This event is featuring a mode named Ghosts of Verdansk, which will be a limited-time mode. Completing the challenges given in Haunting will reward you with prototypical LAPA (first ranged weapon reward). This will also have Halloween theme bundles with weapon blueprints.

But be careful because the event will have loud sounds, flashing lights, frightening situations with some unexpected shocks. Let’s see what these new Warzone patch notes have to offer.

Low Lights, High Fear

The event will not directly eliminate players who die instead, they will turn into ghosts. You can re-spawn as humans by collecting 3 souls. A team with at least one human alive will win the game.

The mode is bringing a new meter which will be called Fear. The bar will be visible in the bottom left corner.

Fear can increase when –

  • When you get hit by enemy weapons, being shot at, etc.
  • When a player starts camping.
  • When your teammates eliminate or are down.

Fear can decrease when-

  • When you eliminate an opponent human or ghost.
  • When you revive your teammate.
  • When you complete a contract.
  • Staying inside Sacred Ground (till it is intact)

This mode is simply incredible. Unlike PUBG and Fortnite, the COD Warzone has a much more serious tone to it. For a change, players want to experience something more serious and feel the real fear. Be cautious as this event can be disturbing to some players. Get your squat ready and dive into the battleground to fight ghosts.

When You Die And Become A Ghost

Now you don’t have to throw your controller into the wall once you die. Now you can come back as a ghost. You just have to find three souls to get back as a human.

Remember, after turning into a ghost, you cannot use any weapons.

But you will have some supernatural abilities like-

  • Charged Jump- You can jump high into the air and glide towards your prey. This will allow you to cover large distances quickly while having a height advantage point.
  • Teleportation- You can use this power to quickly reach towards your enemy to attack and steal their soul.
  • Spectral Blast – You can use this blast to either disable or damage the nearby vehicle or stun your opponent. Also, this blast is useful near Sacred ground.
  • Finishing Move- For a ghost, there is a finishing move to steal a soul. You can utilize this move on standing, crouching, or prone players to take their soul. Three souls and you will be spawned as human.

COD has done its best and made its fans and players happy. The element of having a supernatural being fighting humans is extremely terrifying and interesting. This will attract more new players to play COD. Use your supernatural abilities and win the game.

Surviving The Game

Just survive and win the game. In this Warzone patch notes, you are fighting with ghosts. So, the rules are a bit different.

Except for direct squadmates, every other player can be attacked by ghosts. But there is a place where you can be safe.

  • Sacred Ground- You can find this area by looking at your map or by looking at a blue circle. The circle is called the sacred ground where ghosts can’t enter. Though they can use their spectral blast to hurt you.

Make sure to keep an eye on your fear bar and keep at least one of your teammates alive as a human, to win the game. Adding features like these in the game helps to keep the gameplay fresh and intense. Surviving will not be easy if you are not careful enough.

New Weapon In Warzone Update Patch Notes

New Weapon In Warzone Update Patch Notes

The game is coming with a brand new weapon to add to its inventory. Many players wanted this gun for a long time, and now they can play with it. The gun that is coming with the new patch note is a Submachine Gun.

Let us take a look into what this submachine gun has to offer.

  • Lightweight with amazing firing control and damage. The fully automatic submachine gun has an improved range and handling.
  • You can get this gun by completing the challenges given in the Haunting event (you can complete the Haunting event challenged from either Black Ops Cold War or Warzone.)

So this is a good time to launch a new weapon to kill humans as well as ghosts.

Release Date For Call Of Duty Warzone Patch Notes

Release Date For Call Of Duty Warzone Patch Notes

The Haunting Warzone will be available for free to play from 22nd October. You can download the game from the official website of Call of duty. The game is more than 70 GB, so make sure you have a good WiFi speed.

If you have not got the chance to try out the event yourself, don’t worry you still have plenty of time. You can download the new patch and play the event for a while to complete challenges and earn different rewards.


So this was all you need to know about the Call of Duty Warzone patch notes. If you want to know better, just start playing the event to get a better idea. It is really nice to see a gaming series bring a free-to-play battleground with such potential. The next season for Warzone will come in December, so you have a lot of time to play the Haunting event. If you haven’t played the game yet.

Warzone is still a new game and will get better over time. Some feedback and requests from fans will help the developers to create an error-free experience for the players. Even you can give your feedback to the developers. Quickly get your hands on this new event as it is going to end soon.

There are many Call of Duty games out there, which one, in particular, is your favorite?

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