You can use an unlimited wireless internet connection.

It’s not a new trend. With an unlimited wireless connection and remote internet, you basically get the peak of 4G internet technology.

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Why Do I Need Remote Internet?

Considering the other options on the market – unlimited wireless internet works best.

At least, it works best if you live far from civilization. And it works best if you choose to live in a low population “rural” spot.

Another Consideration.

What other options do you have on the market?

Maybe you want to try DSL/cable? Or maybe you want to try satellite internet?

They’re cheap alternatives. They’ll help you slash your monthly bills by a lot, especially if you’re a low income person.

But they’re not effective. And we’ll show you why below how the internet is affecting future technology in space.

Let’s Start With Satellite Internet.

Satellite internet has been around for decades. It’s actually the closet upgrade to “dial-up systems.”

They’re not too slow. But they’re not the best bet for speed either. Not to mention, they take time to setup!

You actually need cables and a satellite dish connected to a modem. And this is all just to receive an internet signal.

Not Practical for Remote Living.

Since you’re using a satellite dish, you need a stable location. You can’t be moving around a lot.

And this is not possible if you’re travelling often – which is what many people living remotely do.

For examples, look at people living in trailers. You might own one, being a frequent traveler yourself.

Here, satellite does you no good. You’ll have adjust the dish on-top of your vehicle after every drive, which is impractical.

And how about campers? Maybe you living remotely is a “frequent hobby” more than it is a lifestyle choice.

Here, a “stable location” for internet isn’t what you need. Instead, you want internet you can take around with you.

Did We Mention Weather Problems?

One of the big problems with satellite (and sometimes DSL/Cable) is weather.

Strong winds and unstable currents can wreak havoc on transmitted signals – especially since space satellites are where your internet comes from…

And the result? Bad weather means slow (and often inaccessible) internet.

Now, that’s not a result you want. You don’t want an important utility to be at the mercy of your local weather conditions!

What About DSL and Cable?

They’re both not good for travelling.

Cable is self-explanatory, you need a fixed modem and many wires. And unless the remote spot you live in is a long-term home, this is not an option.

As for DSL – this technology was originally a way of using the internet, without it being disturbed by landline use.

In essence, DSL shares the problems of location. You can’t use it remotely. And your distance for wireless use is limited.

Alright – What Do I Gain From Unlimited Wireless Internet?

You gain much.

For starters, you get peak bandwidth. You get the highest standards of ping rates and transmission speed there is in the US.

Not to mention – you can use the internet at large distances too!

All you need is a small chip in your phone (or a little portable modem), and you’re set.

This is a form of internet you can use anywhere, and on multiple devices. And you won’t be restricted by cables and weather conditions!

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It’s Perfect for Location-Hopping.

All that matters with this form of remote internet is the company.

You simply need a remote internet service provider. And their contractors shouldn’t be too expensive for your needs.

For a good suggestion, check out Blazing Hog. They provide some of the best unlimited wireless internet services nationwide!

To keep yourself on top of all things tech, be sure to check-in with gadgets section regularly!

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