Of late there has been a major influx of Chinese brands in the Indian markets and almost all of them have been doing really well. Today if you walk on the streets of any Indian city you are sure to notice at least one, if not hundreds of hoardings of Vivo all over. The company offers cost effective smartphones which appear too good to be true. Turns out, Vivo might have used false advertising when it comes to the Vivo V7+ Camera.

The Vivo V7+ which launched earlier this week has as it’s X-factor, a 24 MP front camera. The phone offers a front camera which is allegedly better than its rear camera. Such phones are rare in the markets, but they do cater to a specific kind of an audience. However, is the Vivo V7+ camera really of 24MP as promised? The answer might not make our selfie-obsessed readers happy.

Why are we calling it false advertising?

The Vivo V7+ is powered by the octa-core Snapdragon 450 Mobile Platform processor. While the processor in itself is decent, the processor specifications paint a different picture than what Vivo is trying to advertise. The Qualcomm website claims that the Snapdragon 450 can support dual cameras of a 13MP+13MP or a single camera of 21MP.

VIVO V7+ Qualcomm 450

You too can check out the specifications of the Snapdragon 450 here. The question that now arises is – how does Vivo claim to use a 24 Megapixel camera on the Vivo V7+ when the processor does not support it. When the camera was actually tested using some benchmark apps, it turns out that this Vivo V7+ camera which is the selling point of this phone offers only 19.7 MP resolution.

Vivo V7+ 19.7 MP camera

Vinay Gowda, Founder at StoriesIO did a little research and with help of his friends from the media, he found that apps like CPUX also shows that the front camera on the Vivo V7+ is just 19.7 MP, which again makes us think that Vivo is lying to the people. There is no response from the company on this yet.

Could Vivo be lying here? Is this a case of false advertising? The company has been running numerous social media promotions which feature their brand ambassador flaunting the 24 MP front camera of the Vivo V7+. This comes in just at the time when people were finally beginning to trust brands from China! Years of heavy online and offline ad spent in India, sponsors of the IPL, and now this? Vivo, we want answers!

If it has done now, there are chances that might have done in the past too, If you own a Vivo phone download CPUX and check for the other specs. Let us know if you find something like this. For more updates like this, stay tuned to Droidmen.