As more and more companies adopt remote work, virtual team building has become a critical part of fostering employee engagement and teamwork. Gone are the days when you could bond with coworkers over lunch or coffee breaks as we’ve shifted to a remote working setup where our offices are now our homes.

Keeping employees engaged and creating bonds between them can be easy. With suitable virtual team-building activities, you can effectively make sense of camaraderie and promote teamwork while ensuring everyone enjoys themselves.

Team Building

Virtual team building kits have become increasingly popular due to their flexibility, cost-effectiveness, variety of activities available, and ease of implementation. Below are some excellent virtual team-building ideas that you can incorporate into your remote work routine:

  • Online games such as Scrabble or chess
  • Virtual happy hour – invite everyone on a Zoom call for some drinks after work;
  • Coffee break sessions with colleagues through video conferencing, during which participants share what they’re working on outside of specific job roles

Partner Up!

These ideas only scratch the surface regarding virtual team-building activities. A great idea would be to partner up with one of the many providers who curate these kits so that you can access an extensive range of options tailored specifically for your organization.

Another excellent option is an online scavenger hunt where employees can find items within their homes in scheduled teams. This activity provides both mental stimulation and entertainment.

  • Online Karaoke night with professional hosts who offer tips on better singing techniques ideal for bringing out the more adventurous side in everybody!
  • Virtual cooking classes – who doesn’t love food? Learn how to take their herb garden game from zero-to-hero Tired of watching videos? Take this time to learn something new!

Virtual Escape Room

Hosting a virtual escape room challenge is an exciting way to foster leadership skills amongst coworkers while having fun. Participants must solve challenges and demonstrate communication skills, decision-making ability, and logical reasoning.

Virtual Learning

  • Team storytelling – one person starts by telling a short story, then the next in line picks up from where the previous left off and carries on the narrative;
  • Employee recognition channels- creating space to recognize team members during virtual meetings
  • Subscription boxes – for example, shipping out materials needed for some of these activities.

Virtual Parties

Throwing virtual parties has become the norm in recent times. But one way to spice them up is by introducing themes such as an 80s dance party or disco night, or you could opt for something more chill like watching a movie together.

  • Virtual Museums’ tour- learn about art while enjoying refreshing coffee.
  • A virtual wine-tasting night with professional hosts offering better-tasting tips – something everyone can enjoy!
  • Mobile gaming tournaments – platform options include handheld devices or consoles like Playstation/Xbox.

Communication is Everything

The importance of communication cannot be overstated in any workplace situation – incredibly remote work. That’s why having activities that help improve employee communication skills is essential.

  • Remote book clubs – online forums connecting individuals interested in particular books
  • Themed quizzes based on industry topics or company values;
  • Conversation starters/ice-breakers at the beginning of virtual meetings;
  • Mindful practice apps – like Headspace or Calm

Virtual team building activities also present opportunities to strengthen relationships between coworkers outside what occurs during daily work routine sessions. Platforms such as LinkedIn Learning provide access to courses relating to critical business subjects throughout different industries ranging from research methods systems to proficiency skills like interview techniques.

Virtual Team Building Activities

With COVID-induced changes in how we work, including remote working setups, virtual team-building kits have become essential in ensuring optimal employee engagement. By creating an environment where employees share fun experiences, companies can experience higher retention rates and happier workers who feel connected to their colleagues – even though everyone is in a different physical location.

In Conclusion

We have seen that creating connections with remote workers can be simple as long as plenty of options from virtual team-building kits from innovative providers keep offering ideas. Although most companies have already adapted strategically – with your variations of employee needs, it makes sense always to keep things creative with custom-tailored solutions.

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