A quality smartphone case can provide impact protection for the delicate internal components of a smartphone, and some cases present even more benefits to owners. The right case can improve your own experience as well as preserve its value for resale, and with late model devices commanding hundreds on the open market, it can be an excellent investment both as and after you own your phone.

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Despite the quantum leaps forward in smartphone technology in the last few years, their common weakness has been moisture. A $500 device is just as vulnerable to water exposure as the most basic models, but many smartphone cases also provide protection from water damage as well as impact protection while allowing access to the touchscreen. Some models are even rated for moderate submersion, allowing users to participate in water activities with their devices at their side.

Screen Protection

The sizes of phone screens have increased exponentially in recent years, making this already vulnerable component even more susceptible to damage. A cracked screen not only destroys the look of a smartphone, but can render them effectively useless in the case of a severe shattering. Smartphone cases are designed to absorb shock and reduce the risk of screen damage, and many include specific protection for the screen to protect against fine scratches and environmental damage.

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Added Utility

A smartphone case is also an opportunity to give a smartphone added functionality. Common features of utility-enhancing smartphone cases include kickstands, LEDs for devices that lack a flash, and wallet cases to keep your most valuable items in a single secure bundle.

Some cases even act as a mobile power source, charging your phone on the go to ensure you’re almost never low on battery life. Of course, a great case deserves to be paired with a premium device, so check out the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 at iiNet to see some of the latest features of smartphones in demand.

Although some object to putting the sleek design of their devices behind cases, they can turn even a high-end smartphone into a superior device overall and with smartphone profiles growing more and more similar, having your device stand out for easy identification may be an added bonus. The range of options that smartphone cases present more than offset any aesthetic alterations, and with cases available in a wide range of styles, you’re bound to find one that suits your style.

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