Samsung and Verizon are two names which are notoriously known for providing slow Android OS updates. However, in a very strange turn of events, Verizon powered Samsung Galaxy S5 users are reporting that they are getting the August 2017 Android Security Patch update.

This is strange because the phone came out in 2014 and after the Samsung Galaxy S5, three new S-series devices have come out. In fact rumors on what we will see on the Samsung Galaxy S9 too, are getting stronger by the day. However this update is indeed good news for those who might still be using the phone.

Interestingly, Samsung has been quite frequent at providing updates to their older devices. Earlier this year in February, Samsung updated the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 – which came out in 2013. In any case it is really cool that Samsung still cares about older smartphones. The update which has now rolled out for the Samsung Galaxy S5 brings it up to speed with many modern day devices in terms of security.

While we are not sure how many people still use the phone, but it must be a significant number of people, considering Samsung’s decision to roll out an update for this phone. It is good to see OEMs releasing updates for older devices as this is quite unusual these days.

The official Samsung Galaxy S5 changelog after this update reads:

  • August 2017 Android security patches.
  • Fixed an issue where device was unable to connect and pair with some Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) devices.

Talking about Android Security Patches, images of the September 2017 Android Security Patch for Pixel and Nexus smartphones is up on the Google website but the OTA update is yet to start rolling out for many devices. Stay tuned with us for more information and updates on regular Android security patches