Valorant is one of the team-based games for action seekers. It has scary moments, challenging opponents, abilities clashes, and the thrills of killing the enemies. However, to enjoy each of these excitements, you must understand the game, play with some tricks and Valorant hacks to hone your skills.

Every Valorant beginner often desires to play better as a team member for the much-anticipated wins. Even though it is not easy at the beginning, there are still ways to improve your performance.

So, if you’re trying to climb the levels in the game and struggling to do it, we have the right tips in this article to help you. Check them below!

Advanced Tips To Play Better

1. Master More Than One Agent

Master More Than One Agent

Valorant features up to 16 agents or playable characters. At the beginning of every match, each team will consist of 5 different agents with unique abilities and skills. A player can choose the agent to play in the defending or attacking team. When selecting characters, you might not always get your favorite agent first.

That’s why you must know how to play many of the agents. For instance, if you play only Jett and someone else picks her, what happens? Also, the agents in Valorant are categorized under Remember, Initiators, Duelists, Controllers, and Sentinels. One team cannot play with 5 Initiators or play with 5 Sentinels. There has to be a mix of each of these agents to make a good team.

So, try to master at least 3 or four of the agents. That way, you can play every role competitively and also know how to fight against other characters.

2. Focus On The Crown More Than The Thrills

Many players often forget that team play means focusing on victory and not killing many enemies. Valorant is a game that emphasizes cooperation, communication, planning, and teamwork. The implication is that team members should work together to grab the crown and not self-glory.

So, forget the thrills of killing the enemies and work the objective with the team members. Instead of going solo or seeking out enemies, strategize on the attacks with others. Also, always try to move together as a team, especially when facing some challenging situations.

Don’t ignore others and pursue the crown alone. Also, know when to back away and wait for others. Killing might be fulfilling but winning is the goal. So, focus on that more.

3. Don’t Spend Money Carelessly

Don't Spend Money Carelessly

Playing as a team means putting your heads together and strategizing your games and how to win. This involves planning your finances and how best to use them for the team objectives.

Thankfully, Valorant economy systems make it possible to win money after completing rounds. With the money, you can buy many things, including the best guns, and also buy your ability charges. So don’t buy useless stuff without first identifying what you need to get for the team’s betterment.

Moreover, if others don’t have enough money to upgrade their abilities or weapons, you can also help them with what you have. Or you can even buy weapons to complement what others have to ensure better results during the rounds.

4. Common Sense In Valorant Is Crucial

Just like every other thing we do in life, Valorant rounds will often demand the use of common sense to play better. We often refer to it as game sense and it means the ability to understand the game mechanics, requirements, and actions happening around you and how to face or wiggle out of them.

Without improving your game sense, getting better results in Valorant will be impossible. You must understand when to face a situation fully or when to back off. Also, your game sense will alert you to apply specific strategies to diverse situations to get the targeted outcome. That’s why professionals recommend playing the game many times to improve your game sense.

So, no matter what you do now, make sure you boost your knowledge of Valorant and how to position yourself for better performance. Sometimes you have to weigh situations to know the best action to take. All these are possible with heightened common sense. So, don’t see Valorant as a mere video game but a game you must win with your team.

5. Don’t Ever Fight Your Teammates

Don't Ever Fight Your Teammates

Valorant requires a lot of communication amongst the team members to win the rounds. If you disagree, you can’t work together. That’s why disagreements are unhealthy amongst team members. But we know there are times when you might be pissed off with their performances or mistakes.

When you face such situations, always be calm and don’t blow them off. Instead, find ways to correct the mistakes they made and move on. It doesn’t help your performance when you fight, scold or blame others. Also, learn to apologize and learn from others too.


It is never easy to attain the level of professionalism in any game without putting in the work. Valorant is no different, and that’s why you must improve your game sense, master some of the agents and avoid confrontations with your teammates. Also, learn how to manage your money personally or with the team to make the most out of it.

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