An effective marketing strategy doesn’t always have to be too expensive. Promotional keyrings are increasingly being used by businesses to market their brands. They are cheaper, yet deliver good marketing results to companies that don’t underestimate their value.

Promo keyrings are becoming mobile billboards for companies. But why the trend?

The statistics speak for themselves. According to a survey conducted by the British Promo Merchandise Association, 79% of beneficiaries of promo giveaways say that the products increased their interest in the company.

Marketers received this news with excitement because it showed that an investment in custom keyrings can attract customers.

Nonetheless, the mere choice of keyrings doesn’t immediately guarantee good returns for a business. If a company doesn’t know how to use those promotional keyrings to market its business, that’s tantamount to piling up liabilities, not assets.

Tips on Using Promotional Keyrings to Market Your Business

  • Know Your Target Audience

You don’t want to make keyrings that have no aesthetic value. Anyway, who is going to want poorly designed keyrings?

So, before you rush to kickstart the keyring production process, you must plan and come up with the best product. The ideas for the keyrings should be in line with your company’s description.

To save you from making a wrong decision, take some time to research your customers and stakeholders. This will help you to figure out the best keyring to suit your target audience.

  • Send a Clear Message

Let the promotional keyring carry a powerful and eye-catching message to the world. You may want to ensure that the keyring boldly displays your company name, logo, contact info, and maybe your address.

This will make it easier for potential customers to find you when your custom rubber keyrings catch their attention. You can hire a good copywriter to make your message resonate well with the readers.

A bad message can end up killing people’s interest in your brand. A good message attracts customers. It will also stay in their minds for a very long time.

  • Make Your Keyring to Stand Out.

Your company isn’t the only one that’s eager to gain customers through promotional keyrings. In order to beat your competitors, your keyrings must be unique, even if that means scaling up your budget.

People like to receive freebies, but not when they’re cheap or unattractive. To gain extraordinary marketing results, invest in unique custom promo keyrings.

There are several keyring options to choose from: bottle openers, LED flashlights, carabiners, etc. Choose a creative and durable design, tweak it to look one in a million. That’s what will make the difference between you and other marketing competitors.

  • Distribute the Keyrings to Your Company Staff

Charity begins at home. After designing your promotional keyrings, your employees should be the first recipients of the promotional products.

For instance, staff will feel valued if you reward them with custom t-shirts, keyrings, lapel pins and promo badges. Since one good turn deserves another, your employees will automatically market your brand, when they step out proudly wearing your brand.

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