We can name tons of reasons for someone to use a phone tracker. It’s one of the most valuable inventions in our fast-moving world. First, such apps and services allow you to find your device if you leave it somewhere or even can’t find it among your things. You may want to know the whereabouts of your kids or spouse. In other words, the tracking software is worth exploring, and you’ll find multiple advantages for everyday use. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the topic and see what today’s market can offer.

Locate a Friend in Find My on iPhone

This official iOS service is one of the easiest ways to track someone’s phone. It will come in handy if you lose your device or can’t locate it. The service has three main functions. First, you can see the phone’s exact location on the map. If you see that the device is somewhere at home, activate the sound signal. Even if the phone is in silent mode, it will make a sound, and you’ll quickly find it.

Locate a Friend

When your worst expectations come true, and you lose your device, use the second opportunity: block the device and send a message with your contact information. It will be shown on the lock screen, and anyone who finds the device can call you. If the situation is hopeless, and you can’t return the phone, make sure that the sensitive information won’t get into the hands of the wrong people. The third option is to erase all the data from your device remotely.

If you need to locate a friend, you’ll need only the first function. To see their geolocation, you’ll need the iCloud credentials. Then, open the Find My Phone page on any device you use and log in. The coordinates will be available in a few seconds. This service is beneficial when you have to meet with a friend in an unknown area or when you want to find your loved ones’ whereabouts.

Locate a Friend on Google Maps

Google made finding a friend location even more convenient. If you can’t find each other, ask them to open Google Maps and see their current place. First, enable the geolocation services on the device. After that, the person you want to find should tap on the dot marking their location and choose to share this information with you.

So, if you don’t need to know the current coordinates all the time, there is no need to use a phone tracker. The geolocation service function is enough to find each other during the trip to another city or an unknown area. Don’t forget to turn off the sharing mode when you don’t need it for the sake of safety.

Locate a Friend via Messaging Apps

You may be surprised, but not only can a tracking app give up accurate geolocation. But, first, you can send your exact coordinates to other people via your favorite messengers and in texts. The previous section described sharing the geolocation data, and here, the procedure is the same. You only have to choose the option of sending the location data to the app of your choice.

Another option is useful when you want to find someone secretly. In this situation, resort to phone number tracker services. Such platforms offer you to send a message or an email with a particular link to the person of interest. By following this link, they allow access to the geolocation data of their device. You’ll see this person’s location on the map right after that.

Locate a Friend via Tracker Apps

We discussed how to find out someone’s location with the owner’s permission, but what to do if you want to know how to track a phone without them knowing? With modern phone trackers, it’s not a difficult task. All you have to do is install the spying software on the device, and all the data about this person will be available. However, there are a lot of various offers on the market, and it can be hard to choose the best one. Therefore, we’ll analyze the most reliable solutions to make a choice easier.



It is complex spying software providing data about all sides of the phone owner’s digital life. uMobix is not just a phone tracker, and it shows you the call logs and messages, gives access to all the passwords for apps and social media accounts, and even ensures remote control over the device. This app is an excellent tool for parental control or checking out your partner’s fidelity.


  • wide choice of useful features;
  • reasonable price considering the functionality;
  • simple installation on Android devices.


  • no free trial period;
  • significant battery consumption that the owner can notice.

In other words, uMobix is a multipurpose tool for digital monitoring. All the information you need is provided in the convenient dashboard. You can see the user interface on the demo page on the official site. The dashboard is intuitive, and you’ll master it in minutes.


It is another exciting platform for remote monitoring. It includes a cell phone tracker, browser history, information about calls and texts. The app functions in stealth mode and makes the software completely undetectable. The installation is quick and straightforward, and you’ll need just a few minutes with the target device.


  • an incredible amount of functions;
  • great support service;
  • money-back guarantee for 60 days.


  • no trial period;
  • some features require rooting;
  • no call recording option.

So, if you need just a phone tracker, this app may be too much. It’s developed for monitoring different sides of digital life. That’s why the functionality is so rich. After the sign-up and simple installation, you’ll have the whole picture of your kid or partner communications. Like the uMobix, Cocospy provides an opportunity to test the dashboard online.

SpyBubble Pro

This spying software allows tracking the social media activity and provides access to all popular messengers. You can also listen to the phone calls records and take pictures remotely using the device camera. You’ll find all the deleted data in the dashboard, and it’s usually the most exciting thing the person wants to hide. It’s also a complex solution with multiple features, and it is great to keep children safe from online criminals.


  • considerably low price;
  • hustle-free installation;
  • low battery consumption.


  • absence of geofencing function;
  • for iOS devices, you’ll need credentials;
  • no free period.

The significant number of valuable features makes SpyBubble Pro one of the best phone tracking apps. It will help you catch a cheating partner and ensure the safety of the children. Unfortunately, there is no free option, but your peace of mind is worth paying for the subscription.


It is another reliable solution if you need a phone tracker. This program is especially valuable because of the call recording function and the possibility to monitor all popular messengers. In addition, the app will show if the owner changes the SIM card or uses other accounts.


  • three days free trial period;
  • compatibility with multiple devices;
  • attractive price and multiple subscriptions plan variants.


  • absence of unique features.

As you can see, Howerwatch is also an excellent alternative to control someone’s digital activity. The great advantage is a trial period, giving you three days of mobile tracker free usage.


You can choose any of the programs described in this article. They all have their strong and weak points, so select according to your situation and preferences. We can’t tell that one of these apps is better than the others. However, they are all reliable and optimized solutions with different available functions and pricing. When looking for the best phone tracking app, you can also google other spying software, but don’t download and use suspicious apps from unreliable sources. This way, different criminals can get your or your kids’ data.

your kids' data


Can I find out someone’s location secretly?

You can use online services like Find My to track Android and iOS devices. To do it, you’ll need the credentials for this person’s account. You can also install the spying software on the phone of your kid or partner and track their movements in real-time. You’ll need physical access to the device you want to track for the software installation. After that, you’ll get access to all the information in your dashboard.

Can I check a person’s location using Facebook information?

Spying apps like SpyBubble Pro give access to the information of various accounts. You’ll see if the person you track uses the app, the list of contacts, and other data. In addition, you’ll get access to the device’s geolocation in question. Unfortunately, there is no way to find out the physical location knowing only the name of the Facebook account.

Is it possible to track a person when their device is off?

Legit software available today doesn’t allow tracking while the device is off. In this case, you’ll see the last known location on the map. So, if you frequently lose your cell phone, it’s wise to use a physical phone tracker. This way, you’ll be able to track the device even when its battery is dead.

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