Software updates are very quick these days, gone are the days when we used to wait for years to get an OS update. If you remember, Google’s Android Marshmallow was launched just a few while back, a lot of devices still don’t operate on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Google already announced the successor of Android 6.0 i.e. Android 7.0 (Android N Developer Preview).

Download Motorola Device Manager

Keeping a smartphone up to date brings in, lot of new things which ease’s our life, Motorola has always tried to bring OTA updates on time, but a lot of times it has failed. A lot of prefer using their desktops or PC for updating their smartphones as they don’t have access to fast mobile data or Good WiFi at their place.

What is Motorola Device Manager?

Motorola Device manager is a tool created by Motorola, which consists of the latest USB drivers, and allows a Motorola smartphone user to update his smartphone to the latest operating system (latest firmware). Basically, it is a tool which interacts with your Motorola smartphone and computer system (Windows/MAC) and downloads the latest firmware and installs it on your Motorola smartphone.

So in case you are someone who didn’t get an OTA update notification on your phone, and would want to have the latest android version on your Motorola, Motorola Device Manager is the tool which will serve all your needs. This tool is available for both Windows Platform and OS X, so in case you are a Mac user you don’t have to worry much or vice versa.

How to Update Motorola Phones using Motorola Device Manager?

So as said above, the Motorola Device Manager enables you to update your Motorola smartphone using Windows PC or Mac OS X. A lot of users get confused with the steps to install an update or flash an update to their Motorola smartphone using the Motorola Device Manager, so I’ll be explaining you with some easy steps to Update your Motorola phones or tablets using Motorola Device Manager.


Step 1: Download and Install the Motorola Device Manager for your PC/Mac.

Motorola Device Manager is the tool which will be used to download and flash the update to our Motorola smartphone and without having the Motorola Device manager it isn’t possible to follow this guide. Download and install it to your computer system.

[Note: Before installing MDM, make sure that you’re uninstalling all the previously installed Motorola drivers from your PC/Mac. Restart your PC/Mac, once you completely uninstall them.]

Step 2: Reboot your PC/Mac after the successful installation of MDM.

Once you’ve installed the Motorola Device Manager to your computer system, it is recommended that you restart your computer system. The installation time may vary from 2 minutes to 5 minutes depending on the system resources and their availability.

[Note: The installation process will take some time, so have patience while the application is being installed.]

Step 3: Connect your Motorola phone to the PC/Mac using the USB cable.

As you’re connecting your phone for the first time after installing Motorola Device Manager, all the sufficient drivers will get installed before the phone gets identified by MDM. If your computer system doesn’t recognize your smartphone (Motorola) then there might some drivers related issue. To get that issue solved, uninstall all the drivers and fresh install Motorola Device Manager to your system.

Step 4: Update your Android Motorola phone or phablet.

Check Software Updates on Motorola Device manager

Motorola device manager is smart and would send you a notification when there is a new update available for your Motorola smartphone.

To update your smartphone, follow the below steps:

  • Open Motorola Device Manager (MDM)
  • Click “Check for device update”. (In case you don’t get notifications about updates).
  • In case, there is an update then go to the next step.

[Note: MDM will regularly look for updates when you connect your device to your PC/Mac.]

Step 6: Follow the instructions on the screen to update your device using MDM, if the update is available.

If there is an update available for your Motorola smartphone then follow the instructions listed on the Motorola Device Manager screen and update your device using the MDM. If there are no updates, you won’t have to do anything and just wait for the update to come.

That’s it, these are the very basic steps which will help you install the latest android version on your Motorola smartphone using Motorola device manager. In case you get stuck with any of these steps do let me know, I won’t be responsible for the damage caused, but I would surely help people out in free time.

Motorola Device Manager FAQs

  • If Motorola Device Manager is not able to detect your device, try the following:

1) From the Settings Menu, tap on Developer Options and Turn ON the USB Debugging Mode.

2) You can also detach and reconnect your Motorola device to the USB cable. After connecting, swipe down to pull the notification bar and alter the USB connection setting to Media Device (MTP).

Tip: Motorola Device Manager let users transmit pictures, videos, audios, documents and many other things from or to their PC/Mac.

So, excited to download and upgrade your Motorola phone with Lollipop/Marshmallow/Android N update available via Motorola Device Manager? Let us know in comments about your feel of fiddling around MDM.