We have all had that moment when we have messaged something to someone that we shouldn’t have. These might be photos that you accidentally sent, confession messages, or just something which might be rude. Chances are that you may end up feeling embarrassed wishing you could unsend that message. That is soon going to be possible as a new feature, ‘Delete for Everyone’ will soon allow you to unsend WhatsApp Messages.

The feature has reportedly been in testing for quite a while now. WhatsApp Beta users have been testing it since August for the Windows Phone app. The company is now planning to release it for the users. However chances are that it might first come to the Android and iOS Beta users before it comes to the stable version users.

Delete for Everyone allows you to delete sent WhatsApp messages before they are read by the recipients. If you retract a message the message bubble will still show but the message would appear as ‘This message was deleted’. Thankfully, the messages would not just disappear from the chat, but from the notification shade too.

This delete for everyone feature was limited to Windows Phone users because the servers were not ready. However, WABetaInfo states that WhatsApp’s servers are now ready to delete sent messages and this will soon be enabled for Beta users.

While delete for everyone seems like a fun update, WhatsApp has been quite late to the party. This feature has been a part of Telegram, Viber and WeChat for years now. The company had updated their code to support this message back in June but the servers were not ready. However it now looks like the servers are ready for the delete for everyone feature and it should be live sometime soon. Stay tuned with us for more updates!