Yesterday I posted a guide which had steps to root the Redmi Note 3G model, Did you try rooting it? Want to unroot it back? Well, don’t worry, Here’s a guide which will help you to unroot the Redmi Note you have. If you are someone who is unrooting the Redmi Note thinking that rooted Redmi has no warranty then let me tell you one thing – Xiaomi supports rooting, you won’t lose your warranty even after rooting any Xiaomi Phones.  Well, in case you’ve already decided of unrooting the Redmi Note, then Let’s Begin with the guide.

Redmi Note Rooting guide

How to Unroot the Redmi Note ?

Rooting is the process through which one gets access to superuser inside your Smartphone, Unrooting is a contrast to it, i.e. You will lose the access to the Superuser inside your Phone.

  1. Download Xiaomi Redmi Note Unroot Zip File before beginning with the steps. Once you’ve downloaded the Redmi Note Unroot Zip File, store it in the SD Card Storage.
  2. Go to Settings → Permissions → Deactivate Root Permission.
  3. Start the Updater App → Select Update Package → Select the Script which you downloaded from the SD Card, now the Updater app will begin flashing the Script which would update the Binaries of your Redmi Note. Once it updates the Binaries and your Redmi Note is unrooted, your Phone will Reboot (Restart) automatically.
  4. That’s it you’ve successfully unrooted the Redmi Note 3G you have.

Was it difficult to do so? Well, yes, this is the same method for unrooting any Xiaomi Smartphone but only one thing which would change is the script which you download. Since that script is different for different Devices, Have any Queries? Why waiting post it here, I’ll look after it, Do you have a Friend who owns a Redmi Note and who wants to unroot it Share it with him.

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