Most of the smartphone companies like Xiaomi, OnePlus doesn’t void your warranty on unlocking the bootloader of the smartphones. Even Motorola did the same with the Developer edition’s of the smartphones they launched.

Recently the Motorola Moto X Pure Edition was launched, but since it is not one from the ‘Developer edition’, unlocking the bootloader will void the warranty. This statement isn’t any rumor or just a gossip. This statement has been made by an employee in a post on the official Motorola support forum.

Unlocking bootloader on Moto X Pur Edition will void warranty{adinserter 3}The Moto X Pure Edition is not considered a developer device so unlocking the bootloader will help you wash your hands off the warranty. According to Wikipedia, the Android Dev Phone (ADP) is a SIM-unlocked and bootloader unlocked Android device that is designed for advanced developers who want to test on it.

Forums Manager, Matt has pointed out some guidelines for US customers only. Firstly, unlocking the bootloader will void the warranty. Secondly, if any unrelated physical material failure like bad volume or failed speaker pop up then they will help you out provided they don’t find any signs of physical abuse. These principles apply to MotoCare Insurance (extended warranty). Matt has also said that he will talk to the marketing team about improving their communication about this aspect of their phone. Lastly, he has AGAIN emphasized on the fact that ‘Unlocking bootloader will void the warranty.’

If you are(was) a Motorola user, you must be aware that the company allows it’s users to unlock the bootloader and go ahead in rooting their devices for the ‘Developer edition’.  Although their is an exception for Motorola devices sold for Verizon or AT&T which deliver locked versions of their smartphones. These phones were marketed especially for the developers and Motorola agreed to cover them under the same provision that any free phone service will be done if it’s related to hardware only. It is also advised that you keep a backup of your stock Moto X Pure Edition software ans there is no guarantee if you will get a factory image from Motorola or not.

Meanwhile there is no news about the Moto X Style to hit in the International market, stay tuned to Droidmen and we will update you as soon as we get news about it.

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