Motorola Droid Turbo is one of the Best Android Smartphones which were launched in the Previous year, comes with High-end specs which makes it directly competes the High-end Nexus 6 and other latest high-end Phones.


Though this Phone doesn’t have lot of developer materials available but while trying some tweaks, custom roms, kernels there might be some situations where you mess up and you get your Device bricked. So in this post I’ll guide you How to unbrick your Droid Turbo in case it gets bricked.

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How to Unbrick Motorola Droid Turbo?

In case you have a Droid Turbo which is bricked or you want to learn how to unbrick the Droid Turbo so you can help out others who have bricked Droid Turbo then follow the below listed steps properly to get your Droid Turbo Unbricked.

Step 1 : Install Android SDK or ADB on your computer system

The Android SDK comes with a set of tools which helps in Developing Android and ADB is an interface which interacts with the Device when it is in Debugging mode. In case you don’t know How to install Android SDK or ADB on your system, Head to YouTube and follow the video guides.

Step 2 : Download the Stock Android OS for Droid Turbo (Verizon)

The Stock Android OS would be installed on your Droid Turbo and without this you can’t get rid of the brick that has occured on your Droid Turbo. It is also known as Stock Android ROM for Droid Turbo. Download : Stock ROM for Droid Turbo

Step 3 : Download the RSDLite Program on your Computer System.

The RSDLite Flashing tool would be used to Flash the Stock Android ROM on the Droid Turbo. Though flashing a ROM can be done without the RSDLite Flashing tool, but since this guide is to be followed using “RSDLite Flashing Tool” its recommended to use it while flashing the tool. Download : RSDLite Program

Step 4 : Flashing Process

Once you are ready with all the tools which are mentioned above you are ready to begin with the Flashing process.

  1. Turn off the Phone (Droid Turbo)
  2. Enter the Phone in FastBoot Mode.
  3. Connect your Smartphone to the computer system.
  4. Run the RSDLite FLashing tool in your Computer System.
  5. Click on a button which would be labelled with three dots i.e … and select the Stock Android ROM which you downloaded from the above link and wait for the Stock Android Firmware to be flashed in your Droid Turbo. Once it is flashed unplug from the Computer system and reboot your Smartphone.

That’s it! You’ve successfully unbricked the Motorola Droid Turbo and now you’ve also flashed the Stock Android ROM which also locked the bootloader of your Droid Turbo. Have more Doubts? Read the Droid Turbo Tricks and Tips which would clarify all the doubts regarding Droid Turbo in your mind.

Disclaimer : Neither Droidmen, Nor the Author would be responsible for any damage caused while and after following this guide. However the steps are tested by Android Users who own Droid Turbo and are working for them properly at charm.

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