Being an Indian, I simply love cricket. Not just love, I worship cricket. Someone once said when Sachin bats even the God’s watch. So how can we as humans overlook the guy with number 10 on his back. We usually gather in the living room for matches or in some friend’s place to watch a match. But the pace of our lives does not let us sit down and enjoy our matches.

UC Browser watch cricket

Schools, colleges or offices prevent us from watching live streaming. But there has been numerous apps which has blessed us with the benefits of doing do. Nevertheless, we can’t always watch live streaming.

That is when UC Cricket by UC Browser for Cricket comes into action. This little wonder lets you manage all other tasks of your life, without giving up on your cricket matches! In the notification bar it will just display the score. If you want further details, just click on the score you will get every possible detail. Isn’t it amazing!

I love how wonderfully the UC Browser by UC Web keeps on displaying the scores of any match – IPL, T-20, one day cricket or Test Matches. I am always updated. I just have to scroll down the notification bar on the header region.

You cannot guarantee the condition of you mobile data. Even with high speed 3G connections, sometimes poor network regions makes the 3G packs completely useless. This is a reason why I love Cricket on UC Browser. Since I travel a lot from one place to another, many a time I’m in a poor network region. Still UC Browser does get updated even if the net connection is poor. It is designed specifically the meet the needs of poor connection in a place like India.

[youtube id=”Hqz04U-UPsM” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]

It has happened a lot of times, due to my strict schools and tuitions. I had to miss most of matches. I remember how I used to grumble throughout the evening. Neither could I study, nor watch the match! How frustrating those times used to be. But not anymore. UC Browser gives you live updates of the match. So you can study or prepare for your exams/presentation and catch the real updates as well. So you can have a peaceful time as well.

Our parents love taking us out on family gathering. C’mon I bet everyone’s parent does! They love to introduce us to the people around. But what happens on day’s with match between your two most favourite IPL teams. It seems stupid enough to miss it. Am I right? But what do we do? The solution is UC Browser for Cricket. You can always keep you phone in hand and refresh it when even you want to update yourself with the latest score.

What happens when you got the amazing pair of Dhoni-Kohli struggling with their amazing talents to win a loosing match on one hand, and on the other hand attending an important lecture in school/ college or an important presentation by your boss. You silently switch on the UC Browser and you can get live updates of the match. On the other hand you are tackling well with your other priorities as well!


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