There was a huge conflict between Uber being a digital service or Uber being a transport company. there were two groups of people who believed in two scenarios. One group is the group of people who believed Uber to be a digital service and another group who believed Uber to be a transport company. finally, a concluding resolution has been given to this confusion, that this article will let you know below, what exactly Uber is. Whether it is a digital service or whether it is a transport company?

Uber was initially launched in the year 2011, and by this time I the year 2017, it is recorded that it runs across 600 different cities in the world and amongst these 600 different cities, it is recorded that the European Union (EU) itself hosts 60 cities in which Uber operates.

As we all know, there was a service which was provided by Uber, known as UberPOP, which later was discontinued due to the several issues which were raised by the union of taxis. This discontinuation mainly took place in the cities which belong to southern Europe and also many other cities, which are considered to be in the major ones, within the consideration of European Union (EU).

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On this topic, European Court of Justice (ECJ) had one point to mention. Based on this point, what was said by the European Court of Justice is, “exercises decisive influence over the conditions in which drivers provide their service.” This simply means that there is an unfair advantage, which is being gained by Uber, as people who don’t have access to the application of Uber, cannot use the services laid by Uber. As reported by a spokeswoman on the same issue, she came to a conclusion that immediately at this moment of time, these shouldn’t make much of a difference for Uber.

Uber and Court of European Union

As mentioned by Uber, Uber considers themselves to be a digital service. The one point of advantage in such is that the rate of taxes is lighter or less when compared to that of other businesses of the type ‘e-taxi portal.’ But, it was the top court of the European Union (EU), which is European Court of Justice (ECJ), which said that Uber is a transport company and not a Digital service.

Thus, hopefully, you have understood about the main choice, which is being made. This choice is all about the announcements which were made by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on Uber to declare it as a transport company.

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