Most of the people who aren’t much addicted to technology aren’t aware of the Nokia’s HERE Maps. The ones who were aware about it used to call them “uncool” a year back. The USP of the HERE Map system is, It doesn’t require Internet for accessing of the maps. It allows people find places without even having an internet connection.

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A year back when this concept was a newer one most of the people used to call the Nokia Here maps as an uncool mapping system. Later Nokia made the HERE maps available for Samsung Android users. Soon after that it was brought as a public app for any Android user. The demand for the app grew with the rise in people’s usage of maps for navigation.

Meanwhile Google was up with cool Ideas, made navigation easier and quicker. Helped a lot while people traveled to unknown places. But the problem it faced was “Connectivity”. Not all places have a Good Internet connectivity, some places even don’t have proper signals, This problem was solved when someone used the Nokia’s HERE Maps.

These days the demand for the Taxi’s, Navigation in Cars have risen a lot, People these days rely less on Auto Drivers or Taxi’s from road. What they do is simply start the “Uber/Old/TaxiForSure” or similar apps and look for a cab in the area where they are. But all of these apps also rely on Google Maps for helping the taxi driver find the person and the person know the real time status of the Taxi. Since Google Maps don’t work without internet it becomes difficult for a person with a bad internet connection to get into the cabs.

Uber, a Taxi startup which has earned a lot of fame and rules the Taxi Startups has submitted a bid of $3 billion for the Nokia Here maps. The Nokia HERE Maps were once called “uncool” and $3 billion for the so-called “uncool” feature. That’s great! It’s not only Uber which is in plans to acquire it, Some tech giants such as BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz as well as an unnamed private equity firm are also in the queue.

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