In May, we reported that some users of Twitter using the Alpha version of the app were getting a new, rounded UI. However, it wasn’t something that had rolled out to many users back then, and it was possible Twitter was just experimenting with this UI. Today, this Twitter UI update is being rolled out to the Beta users of the app. Twitter 7.0 Beta users are now getting this new, rounded UI.

This update has now moved up the pipeline and has now reached the Beta users. The update does not bring out any new ‘features’ per say, but it makes the app look different and gives it a refreshed look. This new Twitter UI brings in rounded profile pictures, rounded icons, as well as minor rearrangements in the menu. Another thing that has been observed with this new Twitter UI update is that users can no longer see their cover image on the side menu.

For Twitter, a UI change is nothing new. The company has been experimenting with a number of UI changes over the years. While this new Twitter UI brings rounded icons and makes everything circular, other updates too have brought in various changes. A recent update brought changes in the way Twitter treats 140 characters by no longer including usernames. Twitter has been supporting 360 degree live streaming videos since late last year, a Twitter Lite app too, was introduced recently.

Twitter has, over the past few years, been in quite a precarious position. The company was facing massive competition from Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and has been losing its grip on social media markets. While there are days when the platform gains major motion, there are also major periods of dull silence. Twitter continues to fight back against this slowdown with their head held high, and this new Twitter UI proves that the company is still looking forward to deliver the best possible experience for the users.