Frequent users of Twitter tend to express their anger as a Twitter rant, which is known as a ‘Tweetstorm’. A Tweetstorm is a series of Tweets which follow one another as a reply to the main tweet and express one common thought. Traditionally there was no provision for releasing a series of connected Tweets all at once. However, you can do that now with this upcoming feature.

While it hasn’t rolled out for all users as of now, this new feature will allow you to release a Tweetstorm all at once instead of having to send out Tweet after Tweet. As of now it is unclear if this feature will be rolling out to all the users or only to high-profile users who have a large number of followers on the platform.

The feature was spotted by Devesh Logendran, a Twitter user who shared the screenshot. When asked about this new Tweetstorm feature that offers the users multiple threads, Twitter has declined to comment. The company simply said  “No comment to share on the record”.

While a Tweetstorm is quite common these days, many a times users tend to skip a beat. To send out a proper, manually created Tweetstorm you need to ensure that you are replying to the previous tweet, which is a reply to the one before that, which is a reply to the one before that, similarly stemming on to the main Tweet.

With this new addition to the Twitter app users would now be able to create Tweetstorms with ease. This is particularly useful when you have a longer content to talk about and when 140 characters are not enough. There are other alternatives too, but a Tweetstorm is more convenient to read and looks like a proper ‘rant’. Stay tuned with us for more updates on this new feature from Twitter.