Turing Robotic Industries has been on a roll lately. Just a week ago, the company announced its most ambitious Turing Phone Cadenza and now the company has released yet another newsletter that introduces us to another Turing phone called Monolith Chaconne.

Turing Monolith Chaconne Announcement

No matter how strange the name of the phone sounds, the specs of the device will surprise you even more. Well, the CEO of TRI, Steve Chao has released a newsletter about their upcoming device in order to explain the future that TRI aims to bring into the Smartphone industry.

To give a clearer view, let’s check out the specs of the upcoming Turing Monolith Chaconne. According to TRI, they are trying to create a revolutionary phablet, (a mix of Smartphone and tablet), that would change the way we use our modern day gadgets today.

Turing Monolith Chaconne Specs and Features

To give you a simple glimpse of what’s in store for the users when TRI launches these devices, they have released a spec sheet of the Turing Monolith Chaconne that would literally blow your mind out.

Turing Monolith Chaconne Specs Sheet

Power-Packed With Bundled Processors, RAM, and Storage:

While the Turing Phone Cadenza was already making some buzz over two Snapdragon 830s, you will be amazed to know that the Turing Monolith Chaconne will be geared with 3 of them. If that wasn’t enough, then the Monolith Chaconne will also be bundled with three 6GB RAMs, totaling the tally up to a whopping 18GB, taking the device to a whole new level.

Well, if you are already shocked with the specs, then I must say that it is just the beginning. The Monolith Chaconne will also have a large storage capacity with a massive 768 internal storage, in addition to two microSD card slots that can fit in 256GB microSD cards each. That’s 1.2TB storage, which is even huge for a laptop device.

Fuelled with Advanced Power Source on Turing Monolith Chaconne

With such a huge specs bundle, the device needs the power that could handle the load as well as the data within the Smartphone. TRI has taken care of the power management using a 2400mAh Li-ion hydrogen fuel cell-equipped battery that powers up the device up to 120Wh. The company has left no stone unturned to equip this device with massive power using an additional Triple Power Source 3600mAh Graphene Supercapacitor Battery.

Turing Monolith Chaconne would come with a 4K Display with Advanced Supportive Cameras

To keep with the industry standards, the Monolith Chaconne will also be featuring a 6.4-inch 4K display to stay ahead of the curve. While most of the specs are completely new and highly advanced, the Monolith Chaconne has also borrowed few specs from the Cadenza that includes Swordfish OS, the graphene oxide composition structure, both front and dual camera, as well as quad nanoSIM capability.

In order to support the 4K display, the 60MP rear camera supports iMax 6K Quad with Triplet Lens / T1.2. Even the 20MP front facing camera is highly advanced and massive when it comes to other Smartphone brands delivering up to just 8MP.

Turing Phone Monolith Chaconne Comes with Physical Keyboard, The Physical Keyboard is Back

Despite such a progressive specs sheet, the stand-out feature of the device is its form factor. Yes, the Monolith Chaconne phone from TRI will feature a slide-out keyboard, something that has been outdated since a long time now. However, TRI is bringing the onboard physical keyboard back with the Monolith Chaconne. Bundled with these specs are the advance augmented reality with parallel tracking and mapping, in addition to something unique and mysterious A.L.A.N that the company will be explaining in the coming days.

If the Turing Monolith Chaconne excites you already, then you may have to wait to get hands on this device as TRI is planning to release it in 2018, if everything goes as planned.