Your brand voice is more important than ever and getting all that branding work seen can be difficult in a fast-paced, internet-focused landscape. In seconds potential customers scroll past a huge variety of logos, slogans, merch ads, and more. Therefore, (using insights from usage statistics) companies need to adapt to the new digital branding landscape.

Step One: Establish A Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence

Your brand voice and image exist across two spheres in the modern world – the physical and the digital. Social Media platforms are the primary space for digital interaction. Having access to all that potential is vital – even in successful social media campaigns, the conversion rate of views to purchases can be as low as ~2%. This is still a number in the thousands so that 2%+ is still worth fighting for. Those conversions will lead to more and more traffic, and that traffic is observing your brand in a way that fully uses all your work on brand voice and brand image.

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Step Two: Use That Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence

Having thousands of people observe your brand and its content every single day is a big responsibility. The days when you could use social media as merely an advertisement platform are over – interactivity now leads when it comes to digital branding. If your brand establishes itself on social media, it carries expectations to use that position to speak about important issues. There’s also a degree of expectation that the brand is entertaining too!

All these new facets of social media branding make what you do on social media pivotal. No matter how your adverts and press releases make you look, if you reply as a brand in the wrong way in a Facebook comment all that hard work can go out the window.

Step Three: Capitalize On That Engagement


By establishing yourself on social media and reinforcing your brand image and voice through talking with real customers in comments you will be ready to set up physical branding. Similarly to social media, you need to give people what they expect from you and your position as a brand. Researching the best items of clothing, tools, accessories, and so on to brand and sell is easier once you have an established voice. Using ensures you correctly identify and capitalize on your brand’s best features and integrate them perfectly with physical merchandise. Giving people what they need, when they need it – just like the social media engagement.

Be True To Who You Are

At the core of all of these steps is the message that brands need to not just exist on platforms or on merchandise, but actually, actively participate. By holding beliefs, expressing opinions, and investing time in your customers you make your digital branding more appealing. You elevate a water bottle with a logo on it to instead be a symbol of all your brand stands for and a much more desirable item or gift. Building your social media presence and presenting that brand on useful, relevant items is the key to transforming digital branding into physical merchandise.

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