Technology is getting advanced day by day. SSD’s have changed the way we use our computer system. The markets of storage technology are witnessing a major revolution and Transcend is at the helm of it. The company is pioneering the change. Gone are the days of the classic Hard Disk HDD storage. It is now time for the SSD storage to kick in the top-gear. SSD, which stands of Solid State Drives, are much faster than the classic Hard Disk Drives.

Transcend SSD360S Review

Transcend is taking a major step forward with the Transcend SSD360S. This new SSD from the company offers the users with a number of benefits. Let us take a look at what the Transcend SSD360S has for the users. After this, you will be able to decide whether buying the Transcend SSD360S is worth or not. At the end of this review, you will be able to understand ‘Why we’ve given it the Best Daily Driver Award’.

We’ve done about three different types of Benchmarks test, which will help you understand more about read/write speed. Before beginning with the review, let’s go across the specs and features which the company has officially told.

Salient Features of Transcend SSD360S

  • This new and improved device offers the users with a much fast writing speed than ever before. It offers the users with a 540MB/s read speed and 340MB/s write speed. This will help the users not only speed up the boot time of the system but will significantly reduce the time the device takes to load up apps and games.
  • In addition to the speeding up of various processes, the Transcend SSD360s also has a major impact on the battery life of the device. As much as 90% reduction in power consumption has been touted by the company. This they achieve with the help of the SATA device sleep mode. A computer running this gen-next Transcend SSD can not only sleep efficiently but also wakes up in 20 milliseconds.
  • Another aspect that one needs to ponder upon before purchasing SSDs is that of reliability. The Transcend SSD360s is among some of the most reliable devices in the markets. This device comes out with built-in wear-leveling and Error Correction Code (ECC). This helps ensure continued reliable data transfer over a long term. It can also withstand a number of temperature variations, which makes it an ideal device. (0 degree Celsius to 70 degree Celsius).

The device comes out into the markets in two variants – 128 GB and 256 GB of storage space. The Transcend SSD360s is certified by CE, FCC, and BSMI. The users get a three-year warranty on the product.

Transcend SSD360S Benchmark Tests

Before beginning with the tests, let us tell the specs of the system on which the SSD was tested. The performance of the SSD would be better on the systems which have better specs. I purposely took my old PC to test this SSD, because, if it can perform better on it, then it can work as a beast on any of the PCs which is launched in recent times.

The specs of the PC on which it was tested

  • Intel i3-3rd Gen processor.
  • 4GB RAM clocked at 1600 mHz (Transcend)
  • Windows 10 OS
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000

The performance would be at least 1.5x or even more better on high-end PCs. Which has Intel i5 & 8GB RAM.

1. Transcend SSD360S ATTO Disk Benchmark Results

The ATTO Disk Benchmark is one of the best benchmarking tools, It is used by a lot of testers use. This test is not only used by testers but a lot of people who buy SSDs also test the SSD they’ve bought using this.

Transcend SSD360S ATTO Disk Benchmark Test 1Transcend SSD360S ATTO Disk Benchmark Test 2
In our ATTO Disk test, we got the read speed around 550 MB/s and write speed around 200 MB/s. We did a test on a file of size 256 MB. The write speed was quite less, however, proper optimizations can boost the performance of the SSD and increase the write speed. (We will explain the proper optimization settings in our next guide)

2. AS-SSD Benchmark Test on Transcend SSD360S

Another great benchmarking tool for the SSDs is the AS-SSD Benchmark tool, this tool is used by a lot of people. It also has some features which the ATTO Benchmark tool doesn’t have. You can also check the IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second), and Copy Speed Benchmark and behavior of SSD’s Read/write speed when it deals with compressed data.

Transcend SSD360S AS-Benchmark Test

While going through this, you shall notice that the read speed on 4K is very less, probably it’s because this was tested on a low-end system. We also tried it with 5GB Data, the best part about this SSD is, the speeds remained constant, generally, the speed decreases when the amount of data increase.

AS-SSD Copy Benchmark Test on Transcend SSD360S.

Copy Benchmark on Transcend SSD360S AS-SSD Benchmark ToolWe all copy files from our External Disks to our Internal Storage, This benchmark test would allow us to understand the speed and duration taken to copy a 1 GB file. As per the result, it took 6.78 secs to copy an ISO File @159.29 MB/s, To copy a 1GB program, it took 13.04 secs @107.93 MB/s and to copy a game of 1GB it took around 10.08 secs @137.03 MB/s.

AS-SSD IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) Benchmark Test.

Transcend SSD360S IOPS Benchmark TestAnother best thing about the AS-SSD Benchmarking tool is, it allows you to even test the input/output benchmarking.

As per our test on 4K, The SSD was able to do 1053 Read IOPS and 11548 IOPS (The read operations is less because it was done on a low-end PC with Intel’s integrated graphics). It is said that this Disk has a great 4K write speed and can do 4K writing quickly.

3. Crystal DiskMark Benchmark Test on Transcend SSD360S

This test was done on a different PC which had better specs than the PC on which above tests were done. On both the above benchmark tests, it is seen that the 4K read speed is very less, but since this test was done on a different PC (High-end), We found that the speed increased. Here’s the screenshot

Crystal Disk Benchmark Test on Transcend SSD360S

We did the same test with 5GB random data and found that the benchmarks had very fewer changes about 1.2 MB/s fall in the speed.

The best part of the SSD other than the features is, the price, The Transcend SSD360S (250GB) costs around 108 USD. Sadly, the 128 GB variant isn’t available in many countries and the cost of it is around 3515 INR on Amazon India.

Buy Transcend SSD360S at the lowest price


If you are someone who hates your PC because it takes too much time to start, the copy pasting of the files is slow, the opening of program/apps is slow and you are unable to play high-end games even after having good RAM and processor then, an SSD is what you need. We would suggest you to go with Transcend’s SSD360S because:

  • It is one of the latest from Transcend.
  • Waterproof (A lot of media people use SSD’s as external drives and if you are one among them, then the waterproof nature of it would be an asset)
  • 3 Years warranty.
  • Made by Transcend (Transcend has been a name in the market when it comes to storage memories and RAM)
  • Made a PC (which was almost dead work better than i5 systems with no SSD)
  • Battery Life improved.

We used the SSD360S for around 15 days and did a lot of other things such as using it as an external storage, Installed Windows 10 OS and we found that it performed better than the Kingston UV300 on tests with huge data. However, when the test data was less, the performance was on par with the Kingston UV300.