If you have recently spent hundreds of dollars on a new Android device that has just hit the market, there are chances that a few secret charmers (pickpockets) for your phone exist too. Or maybe you have a habit of losing phones, then there is an app to track Android phone which fits perfectly to your needs.

I developed my interest in tracking apps after I lost my brand new Note 4 to some charmer in the subway. It was awful, backlashing the feel of my phone’s big super amoled display. I was at pain. I had a previous knowledge of tracking apps but I never thought of using them, until recently. This app I am going to talk about is XNSPY which is fairly new in the market and I thought to give it a try before getting my hands-on to any other old product.

Why Use A Tracking App?

Honestly, I find the built in tracking feature too fussy. Setting up and organizing it seems just too difficult to me (well it’s just a personal opinion). XNSPY android tracking app makes it very easy for any technophobic person to use and track their phone. This is how the app works:

  • Download the app through their website
  • Install it in your android device
  • Open control panel on their web page and track your phone.

Once the app is installed, it goes into stealth mode and no one can know if something is installed. So if you lost your phone, first lock the phone through XNSPY’s remote control feature and then start tracking your device.

What Tracking Features Does XNSPY Offer?

There are two distinctive features of the app that makes tracking easier:

  1. Real time location
  2. Location history

Real time location features will help you get to the person who is enjoying few rare moments of your phone. While location history will help you track all the places that your android device has visited with its new Guide.

Why to Prefer XNSPY?

It’s superlative to other tracking apps. Where they may offer just the tracking feature, XNSPY is an all-rounder. It gives remote access to almost everything on your android device. Text messages, calls, contacts, gallery, WhatsApp, Viber, skype.

I’m not going to go into the remaining features about the app but if you are looking to track android phone, XNSPY is the right choice.

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