While using Excel or similar spreadsheet programs to monitor your projects can be helpful, it lacks features that will allow you to manage projects more effectively. Excel will not suffice when you take on complicated large-scale ventures as well as projects that involve many teams working together simultaneously.

Excel has its merits, but it will never compare to what a well-designed Project Management Software can offer when it comes to assisting you in handling projects. Workplus is a time tracking and employee monitoring software that can automatically track and analyzing their employees’ computer activities. According to Workpuls provides businesses with valuable insight into their employees’ workday. If you are still unsure if your company should invest in this software, consider the following benefits:

Access to Information

Project Management Software can serve ass a single repository of all project-related information. This means that any member of the team and stakeholders can share and access needed data easily by logging on to the portal.

Note that while the tool makes data readily available, it also provides security features to maintain the integrity of information. Those who use the system can be assigned a certain level of access, depending on their role in the project.

For instance, clients and external stakeholders can be restricted from accessing sensitive information. A project manager or company owner, on the other hand, will have full access to all files and documents.

Better Collaboration

With a reliable project management solution in place, every person in the group will be on the same page. It does not matter if the members work in the same office or in different locations. All they have to do is access the system, and they know what is happening. Users can view data, leave messages, and share inputs in real-time.

Ultimately, the use of project management software improves collaboration and communication among all the people involved. Keep in mind that communication is integral to any project’s success. As revealed by a recent study, poor communication can lead to project delays and failure.


No matter how thoroughly you planned a venture, things are always bound to change as there are numerous factors beyond your control. If you do not use project management software, it will be challenging for you to keep track of these changes. You will also need to revise every aspect of the plan affected by the change and inform everyone involved.

When you use a project management tool, everything is automated. The moment you revise something in the plan, everything will be updated, such as schedules and budget allocations. Given this functionality, no time and resources will be wasted in manually updating job assignments, schedules, budgets, and reports.

Report Generation

Business owners like you need accurate facts and figures to make informed decisions regarding the project. If you rely solely on spreadsheet programs, you have to wait until your project manager can provide you with a report. When you use project management software, you can readily access reports in the format you want.

Given the advantages mentioned above, it is evident that your business can profit from adopting a suitable project management tool. This software offers the benefits mentioned above and more.

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